Monday, December 10, 2012

Still in San Isidro

I had changes and am still in San Isidro but that's okay because it's a good place to grow. It's hard but it will make me a better missionary. The hardest part is it's slow and once again we are out of electricity. That is super fun... Well, I got macheted (chewed out) last night by the zone leaders. That was fun, too. Anyways, my new companions name is Elder Apaza. He is from Boilivia. Our views on government are a little different but that's okay because he is a stud and has a great view on the work. He is a great change to have. Without light, I guess that our area is dangerous but I don't believe it at all. So, we are just going to keep working because I really don't want to have another slow week and receive a macheteing again. We are going to baptize every week. This month's goal for the mission is to baptize 300 people. That's a ton of people and an awesome and totally real goal. So we can totally kick butt. Well, today I'm sad because my convert was super drunk. But on the good news side, we are starting to find people.

Sorry I'm always super scatterbrained. Sometimes it's really hard to focus with all that is going on. It still doesn't feel like Christmas but that is okay because we are going to Xetulu (an amusement park near Reu) for CHRISTMAS as a MISSION!!!

I have some flutes. Those are going to be really fun to figure out how to play. This place is wonderful and just awesome! Here are some answers to your questions. I pay a lady, who is not a member, for my laundry and that is really fun because sometimes she loses thing for like ever. hahaha Oh well. The weirdest thing I have eaten - you had better put this one on the blog - is ...Testicles of bulls and...wait for it....male goats!!!! I can pretty much only buy tortillas and nasty meat in my area. In Malacatan we can buy anything because there is a mall-ish thing. We eat with members every day. My Spanish is coming along just fine. I want to be fluent though. I've only been speaking for like two month. So, esta bien! The food here is SUPER unhealthy. Everything is OIL, OIL, OIL. My heart is filled with sludge now I guess. I hate Caldos. They are gross. It's just water and oil, and some meat.

I found a giant spider the size of my hand and it was black so that's already a bad sign, but it gets scarier! (Kinda like finding a hollow marshmallow) So, I got all manly and brave and stuff and pulled out my camera to take a picture and (did I mention we were on the river?) It FREAKING RAN ACROSS THE WATER!!!! Yes you read that right. It runs across water. That terrified me! I was petrified. Well not really but I ran away, high stepping it up to keep it from getting me. AHHHH!!!! I honestly questioned why God would have created something like that.

I want to thank you all for everything you have done for me. I know that without your examples I wouldn't be out here serving. I'm super thankful for this Gospel, too, because sometimes when you're out here and you can't see your family it gets hard but I know that we are going to be together forever as long as we do what's right. So, DO WHAT IS RIGHT!!!! It will be pretty bomb to live with you guys forever because we are pretty much a party.

I love the heck out of all of you and miss you tons!

Con Amor,
Elder Grant

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