Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Felix Ano Nuevo

Happy New Year Family! Party hard (in a Mormon way)! First off, that video of the twins is like sad and hilarious at the same time, but man it was great to see, I cracked up! Igual Mom, I am super happy that I got to Skype with you guys. It was fun and marks yet another quick passing of my mission. I can't say I've matured too much spiritually yet, but I'm afraid I'm going to be boring and not as active when I get home - active physically. Tell the girls that I love them tons. 

So this was a great week. We broke the record in the branch for the attendance. Yes, we had 82 people there. It was super sick!!! I felt so satisfied because my companion and I worked super super freaking hard for that. It was incredible, I am super pumped! Next week should be good as well and now the Branch President says he'll buy me any food I want until I can't eat anymore. Yes! Best prize ever.

This is a picture of the branch in La Verde.

So my companion is super baggy right now. It is normal. He only has one week left until he goes home, it blows my mind. When I first met him, he had less than a year out on his mission, super weird! 

Oh another awesome missionary story, so we were ending the day and then I get a call from the Stake President who says, "Elder, I just got called from the branch el asistants who has an Elder passed out and like dead. So I get worried and I call the asistants who get over to that house super quick. Well come to find out everything is because the Elder passed out because of a pill he took and then fell asleep. He is a really, really, really heavy sleeper. So the member freaked out and called the Stake President. But the best part was this: the elder passed out after saying a prayer while teaching an evangelical. After the prayer, when the elder fell down, the evangelical exclaimed, "WOW, HE REALLY FELT THE SPIRIT!" And to make a long story short, my companion was ticked because he didn't get to eat tortas and fries because this elder had passed out. Hahaha!!! 

Have a great new year everyone.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Visit

We were able to Skype with Elder Grant yesterday. He is doing really well. It was wonderful to hear his voice. He was at a member's home and using their computer. What a blessing modern technology is. We were able to talk with him for about 70 minutes. He is happy and loves the work. He loves his companion and is pretty sad that he is going home next week. We were able to talk to Elder Quiroz for a few seconds, too. Grandma and Grandpa Erikson came to the house to visit. Collin was greatly surprised by that. He talked about his excitement to go to the temple with the first family he baptized last December. He got a little emotional taking about them. We were able to hear the rain falling on the tin roof. Wow it is loud. And, we ended by having family prayer, offered by Collin in Spanish. What a wonderful blessing! His visit was definitely the greatest gift of this Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Navidad

This week has been great because I have been biking. It made me feel like a real missionary, well that and because I get to teach the youth in the branch. There is no teacher so I get to do it. jaja

This has been a great week for spiritual experiences. Finally my zone didn't have emergency changes so we are finally settling in as a zone. Our biggest problem is that many missionaries only want to have fun and play and never work. "Work" is an important new addition in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. We all need to learn to work hard. I wrote an epistle this week because I was feeling like Paul. It is called WHY I AM A ZONE LEADER. It talks about working hard because I was called to serve The Lord, who I love! I work hard every day to show him my love. Then I put in the words of the modern day Moses, Brigham Young, that if a man goes on a mission looking for the honors of men or the dumb things of the world, his mission is in vain. It was longer than just this and then I gave it to the Elders in the zone because that is only four others besides us. They seemed to respond to it and are doing a little better. 

The sister missionaries are great! (Side note from Mom: President Ruiz calls Elder Grant's zone "The Relief Society" because it is made up of the Zone Leaders, two sets of District Leaders, and then all the rest are Hermanas. Collin told his dad that he thinks The Lord is preparing him to have only girl children. He loves working with the sisters!)  our zone will be doing two dances and then we will sing some songs for our Christmas party. 

That's all I've got. Thanks everyone for all and I love you. I wish you all a Felix Navidad y ano nuevo!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, December 16, 2013

Not your Average Sunday Meetings

Well this week has been interesting and has been super, super, super busy! Sometimes I feel like I am just ding some babysitting of missionaries and we are trying to open an area, it is good to be back in La Verde. The Branch is excited to have me back, I am sure. We had an activity that was really successful. Because of the activity we had 50 people attend church. They stayed for all of the meetings - incredible! That never happens in the big wards. In reality it was a great little adventure. We played Minute to Win it. That was super fun. But at the end of Sacrament I could really feel the Spirit, even though it wasn't that reverent there. It was great because it was all fun. It was funny to see the little kids running in to ask their dads to tie their shoes because they wanted to play soccer for primary. It was funny and I loved it.

I wish I had more to write but most of our time has been spent trying to motivate missionaries. We'll find a way.

Love you guys a ton!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Moving Again!

To answer a couple questions. (Mom asked if he attended church at the Las Palmas building in Reu because you can see it on Google Maps and about the Christmas package) No I haven't gotten the package. I will go check the Mission Office today.  Yes, I go to Las Palmas and I live in a place called Pedregal 2 so it should be easy to find. But, I'm changing areas, not like areas, but I am going to start working back in a place that I have already been. La Verde. Not sure how I feel about it but if it is what The Lord desires then I will do it and without complaining. I know The Lord will always provide a way. 

It is kind of a long story on how the whole thing happened. I am going back there as the ZL, along with Elder Quiroz. The Elders will still be there. It is just that this poor little branch needs a lot of help to become a big ward. This is the desire of the Stake President and the mission Presidente. The Lord, right now, is trusting a lot in us. It is going to be a great experience and with faith and dedication it is possible. 

Interesting experience this week in which I kept very calm. I was in a meeting with the assistants and the nurse when BOOM my comp and I get a call from one of the DLs that his companion just hit the ground and wasn't responding. So what happens? Well, one of the assistants and I literally go running across town to get the pickup and race over to their house. He was being checked out by the nurses and we was just mumbling. I was super nervous. But, then we found out it was an act and he was wanting to go home. Presidente, who has the keys, said no to that so the missionary is now getting help from some people. Sometimes, other missionaries can make my head hurt. 

The great part of this week was the Christmas Devotional. It was an incredible night, I love the Spirit every time the prophet talks. 

Well, thanks for all the support you give me! Love you all, merry almost Christmas in 16 days! Yay!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, December 2, 2013

Driver's Ed - What?

Oh this week has been such a bomb adventure! I have done so little and so much. Today I bought an orange juice and guess what! They threw a turtle egg into it. That was cool and tasted like orange juice.

Well this week, we had a baptism, which rocks! I love that. She was such a happy little girl. Also this week, on Thursday, we got called into a meeting with Presidente and he never told us what it was about or anything. Well, we went all nervous like to the meeting and BOOM! When we walked in all it was about was Driver's Ed. FREAKING DRIVERS ED!! I DON'T EVEN DRIVE IN THE MISSION AND I NEVER WILL! I was in a meeting for 6 hours. But on the bright side, I got delicious apple pie that was pretty sick. Other than that, it was probably a huge waste of time. Jajaja 

I didn't get any turkey, but to tell you the truth, I didn't even know it was Thanksgiving. So, I wasn't worried about that at all. I am still in the same area with my same companion who is going to end his mission this month and it's going to be cool. He is from Chile. He's a good missionary and I'm going to hate seeing him go. I love working with him.

Also this week, we did a lot of eating because it was my companions birthday. Also, we found a gym. Today was a super fun p-day because we played baseball. That was exciting! It was hilarious because no one knows how to play. So I, being the white kid with the baseball experience of a nine year old, was in charge. Basically,  I invented my own freakin' sport. It is pretty dang cool, if you ask me. If I had to put a name to it, it would be called "Superawesomebrutalkickbuttball." And then we played frisbee. I pulled my hamstring in the most pathetic way ever and then we did yoga. HI FIVE FOR THE MOST ATHLETIC ZONE WHATUP!!!

Well, that's all that happened this week. Love ya all. Bye.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh What a Week!

Elder Quiroz and Elder Grant

Oh it has been quite a week this week! And it was freaking great. Super spiritual! So my compo and I, over the past few weeks, have been almost dying because of the general authority that came. He has a reputation of ripping your face off then leaving you for dead with his beastliness of the spirit. So my comp and I were going to die because we had to report the stats of the zone in front of him. We were almost at the point of crying because we were terrified. 

Then we had to arrange all the seats for the picture the day of the conference and even Presidente Ruiz was to the point of dying. So we all got in a huge thing for a picture when President Armado came in and the first thing he did was make a joke. Then he asked us to make a line and he asked our name, where we are from, and how much time we have left. It was really cool because he was so awesome. He made jokes about potatoes with me and then gave me a huge hug. It was probably one of the coolest things ever. 

Then we had the meeting and instead of him teaching and preaching, he taught us according to the Spirit and all of us came out of that meeting feeling better and happier than ever. The Spirit taught us things that weren't spoken. It is definitely one of my favorite parts of my mission. And WOW!!! 

Bowing to the Dew and Pepper

Well, in other great news, Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper have made it to the grocery store. And it is at a cheap price - less than a dollar. It is so nice! My comp and I bought a ton and we are now making a Christmas tree out of the empty cans. Also, Elder Quiroz already has a Christmas tree. And, we found a Christmas tree under our stairs so now we are going to have three Christmas trees! So basically, we have the coolest house ever! And it is really really really clean. That is a nice touch. President Amado told us that our houses need to be clean in order to have the Spirit. And at the end it was basically just like we could feel the spirit more in a clean house. 

Another big thing that happened this week was definitely the Stake Conference of all the Stakes in the whole Guatemalan land. President Falabella spoke and it was about getting educated and it was awesome! Then Mary Ann Wixom had so cool Primary talk and then Elder Scott, whose Spanish is amazing, talked and that was really cool. Then President Eyring talked but not in Spanish because he doesn't know it. It was just super spiritual and we we're able to bring three investigators who all loved it. 

That's about all I got this eek. I love you all tons. Take care and ya know ... if you wanna, send candy to me. I'll never complain. Haha

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Elder Quiroz and his Coca Cola

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm Pretty Darn Content to Be Here

As I am sitting in the Guatemalan heat writing you from a yucky internet place, I contemplate if there is anywhere I'd rather be in the world and NOPE, I'm pretty darn content to be here! 

I just saw Hermana Ostler today. She was so excited to see me and at first I had no idea who she was. But it's alright, that is how life is. She is in Coatepeque which is kind of far away from where I am. In fact, I never ever go there. In fact, I have never been there. 

Today is super super super super busy because I have to get EVERYTHING READY FOR A MEETING WITH PRESIDENT AMADO. I AM FREAKING OUT!!! No, just kidding. He is going to destroy us with the Spirit. It's going to be so cool. Well, this week has been challenging in a few things. We almost didn't have a baptism because of lack of planning. But after hours, literally, of calling people and talking with lawyers, we got it done. Basically, it has been a very stess filled week. My companion and I have been running all over the place. 

Also this week we have put two fechas so in two weeks, if all goes well, we should have 2 baptisms. I'm excited! The lady is so cool. She used to be anti-Mormon but The Lord softened her heart and now she is changing so much. And, it is so cool to see how committed she is to change. She even had a visit this Sunday. When her visit came she told them to wait for her three hours because she was going to church. And, BAM, she went to church. How cool is that!!!! 

Well, I gotta go. I love you all tons!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

FYI - I am on Rabies Watch

So this week has been quite an adventure. Boy, oh boy! The week started out great and on Wednesday I got bit by a freaking dog, all because I was acting like Kung Fu Panda. Of course, the dog hasn't been vaccinated for rabies. The mission nurses freaked out but I'm okay. They are still watching me for signs of rabies, however. That was a really fun experience.

We also got to take a bunch of pictures today in classic Guatemalan clothes. That was really fun. Then I had to go to a meeting and so I lost some of my p-day. Oh well, that's life! 

This week has been good. We have found some really good people and in church we had a great number - 182! That is super bomb!!! We are just breaking records but now we need to break records with baptisms. We are still working hard to motivate and encourage the zone. It is still a little sluggish. 

If possible, can you send the game Rook and Pit for Christmas? My companion would really like one as a gift and I want Pit! jajaja

Thanks, everyone, for being so awesome! Love ya tons!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, November 4, 2013

I Have Never Been Happier in My Life Than I Am Right Now

Hey everyone! how are you all? I'm doing great! The emergency changes went quite well. In fact, they went great! Kinda at first I was really mad because it meant that I wasn't going to be able to go the temple but I got to go. In fact, I rode up to Quetz with President and it was really fun. Plus it is always such a rad experience to get to go to the temple. I always look forward to it because I learn great things from it. After that, I came to my area and it looks possible that I'm going to the temple this month again to see a family get sealed that my companion baptized and in December I get to go again to see another family that I baptized get sealed!!! It is soooo freaking cool!!!!!! 

Elder Grant with President and Sister Ruiz

Elder Grant at the Quetzeltenango Temple

While I was at the temple I had the opportunity to sit in the Sealing Room after my session and just think about the divine plan that God has created for us - that he gives us all families and has a plan for every single one of those families to be eternal. It was wonderful to just sit and think about that. 

Well about the changes ... I got moved back to the Zone Las Palmas and it is pretty great! I'm a Zone Leader now with Elder Quiroz which is great because he was my Zone Leader before, in this same zone, and I'm going to "kill him" (an expression meaning he goes home with the next changes). He's my dad and I'm his murderer. Wahoo!!  Being a zl is definitely a new experience. I have a cell phone and I have to talk to President aveces. Also, I'm very nervous because Elder Carlos H Amado is coming to our zone and I have to get everything ready for the conference. By the way, he is a Seventy. I'm freaking out a little bit. Like you said, Mom, The Lord puts us in places so we learn and that's what I'm doing right now. That is the word about changes.

He loves this Guatemala land.

The rat that he killed. Note from mom: "Disgusting!"

Our zone seems a bit beat up right now maybe because they have all been here forever. I mean, my child, Elder Saunders, is still here! That's a long time. It is his 4th change here. Woww! I was so excited to see him. I hope that I can help them realize that this is the best work of all time. Honestly, I have never been happier in my life than I am right now. Sure, I have had incredibly enjoyable moments before and I miss you all a ton, but just being in the pure service of our God make everything super cool! I just love being missionary!!

Here is what else I have done. We had a baptism which was really fun and we colored the water blue instead of green. It looks like we are going to be out of time but I just want to ask those who are sealed in the temple to send me how they felt when they got sealed to their husband/wife. It could really help me with a few families that we are teaching. 

Baptism in Mazetenango with Elder Pichardo

Baptism in Las Palmas with Elder Quiroz

Oh, I forgot to tell you all that it was The Day of the Dead and we ate fiambre or sea meat salad smothered in beat juice. It was definitely interesting and tasty. It filled me up so much and I'm really glad it's only a one day a year thing. 

Fiambre or Sea Meat Salad - "Interesting"

Elder Quiroz and Elder Grant about to eat their Fiambre

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hey all! I have titled this thing as emergency because I have emergency changes and to tell the truth I'm not so pumped about that. I love my zone and my district but there are always changes in our lives but it is whatever, I guess. I don't really care as long as I'm a missionary. I'm happy! Did you know that I have only 8 more months in the Lord's service?

Well, this week has been great. We had another baptism which was awesome and now the members look like they want to help us more, yes!!! Everything is going the way we need it to. I'm just a little ticked because with the changes, though it is an experience to grow, I probably won't be able to go to the temple and it probably means I don't get a gym which sticks. It really helps de-stress. Oh well.

So today, as a zone, we watched Monsters Univeristy together. It was hiarious and then the Stae President gave us hamburgers! But that movie is very funny. It is better than the first one, at least in my opinion. It made me a little baggie for the college life. But then I realized my life is better because I'm a missionary!!! 

I wish I had more to write and I wish I could send my pictures but for some darn reason the computer won't recognize my camera. I will try again later. Keep being awesome. Thanks and bye!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, October 21, 2013

An Incredible Week

Just thought I'd tell you all that this has been an incredible week and P-day made it even better! And, no way! Hermana Ostler is in our mission. That is soooo cool!

So first off this week we had a baptism of a lady who is super smart and it is great because she is from a partial family. The only weird thing is her husband is super old. She is 19 and he is 36 which seems really gross... I think they eloped or something...YUCK! But it is all good. The baptism was great. At first our Bishop wasn't happy, sometimes that happens. But in the end he was super happy and our Zone completed its goal. It looks like we are still going to keep doing great. We will probably be able to go to the Temple or if we are really lucky then we will be able to go to The Waters of Mormon!!! President would have to come with us. He played volleyball with us today which was sick!

Today P-day rocked. We played a ton of sports and ate hot dogs with the Mission President and it was super bomb!!! My legs are super dead. Today I went to the gym with Elder Uasike, from Tonga. He is huge!!! He is a beast - like super strong. He destroyed me with legs. But it is all good. 

I am loving the mission right now. Even though my companion is not always the most obedient in the world, he is a good guy. I learned a really good lesson this week. I learned I just need to accept the differences of people and love them for who they are. My companion is awesome. People just love him because he is so funny. He really is a good companion.

Looks like my time is up. I love you all. Keep on keeping on and all should work out. That's what I learned from the Liahona this week.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, October 14, 2013

This Week Has Been Pretty Bomb

So this week has been pretty bomb. We got a bunch of new investigators, first of all and that was great. Second of all, the members are so much more excited to work with us, after Conference. I mean we kinda received a machete from God on both sides of the work - the members and the missionaries. We just need to step it up. And here in Bario Oriente (the Ward) that's what we have done! This week we had six lessons accompanied by members!!! Wahoo! I'm so excited. It's time to change this Ward from a great one to an excellent one. 

Third of all, WE HAVE A BAPTISM OF A FAMILY THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it looks like I won't have changes and so I'm really excited for that because this family is pretty cool. Our Zone just had 18 baptisms!

Today was a pretty fun P-Day. We got permission to do some pretty cool stuff including leaving the zone. We went to some place called Xulik!!! It is a toy museum and also we got to go paintballing. It has been pretty freaking epic! It was so fun and a great stress reliever. Basically I am just happy and I'm hungry. I haven't eaten yet but I'm happy! 

We are working hard. I kind of want to train again especially because a Tongan is coming in and I would love to train him. Oh ya, back to paint balling. It was 25 Quetz and it literally lasted five minutes and then we were done. But then we went to the museum and it was so cool. There were a bunch of Star Wars things and comic book things. Also I got to hug Jessica Alba from Fantastic 4. I sent a picture so you all can see it. Then we took pictures with a Superman cape and it was dope. I was totally nerding it out.

All suited up for paintballing


Awe yes! Jessica Alba

Who knew The Hulk lives in Guatemala

No fighting!!!

And the evil Star Wars cast lives in Guatemala, too.

It is crazy that time goes bye so quickly. It seems like yesterday I was some really mad kid in the MTC that was trying to learn Spanish and now English is hard. Hahaha Christmas package? Maybe a new pair of pants and some socks. But Idaho spuds would definitely be appreciated and an MP3 player with headphones. I can't sleep well right now. It's been hard. Also candy and I'm good on everything else. Well, maybe some pics of friends and family would be really nice. Yes, that would be cool. Tell Kenna she can't go to the U of U. She has to go to Hawaii with me. That would be sick!!!
How are all of you? Good? I sure hope so. It's time to go but I love you all.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Conference Was Incredible

Hey everyone. How are you all doing? I hope just well. So sorry about last week when I didn't get to email you all. It was because the internet died. Well, actually all the power went out in the whole city. haha So, I couldn't finish. 

So, how did you all like Conference? I thought it was incredible and a little different. I loved messages about finding balance in your life and the talk from Elder Holland about depression. I sometimes get really down on myself on the mission and even though he didn't really talk about that, the Spirit spoke to me and told me that I don't have it that bad and that God gives us challenges to make us stronger which has helped me a lot because this change has not been an easy one. It's not that the work here is hard but I realized that as a team both parts need to pull. I like the example they used about a yoke. If we don't work together then we fail. But if we do work we can have incredile things happen. 

I talked to my comp about that but I don't know what to do with him. We aren't finding a whole lot ofpeople  together and we need the help of the members. The General Authorities even talked about that. But, my comp says he doesn't need their help. He's mad because he's companion b, after a year and a half of being companion a. He is ticked at me. Other than that, all is well.

Yesterday we found a family that has an incredible story and we are hoping it is real and they aren't some freaky people. They got married a while ago and then they got kicked out of their house and now they are here. They seem interested. Supposedly the husband is a Mormon but we'll see.

Well, I guess I don't have too much to write this week. It's been very uneventful because it has been full of meetings and interviews. The District is doing well. I'm kind of bummed because changes are coming up and Elder Harumi, a missionary from Pocatello, is leaving. He's cool.

Thanks for all your support and keep praying for us to find new investigators. Byes!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Baptism!

Mom, your pics made me baggy -not really. I am doing well and we just had a baptism! We are pumped. I will tell you about it in a bit. Can you send me a copy of my mission call? I would really like to scan it and put it in my predicad mi evangelio, and in my scriptures.

Ok, we did have a baptism with a kid who is super smart. He is 11 but he understands the restoration so well. He asked to be baptized and we complied with his request. It was great! It was a good little baptismal service and he came and got confirmed which was so great! We were really excited. We are especially excited because now the members have seen that we want to work so we are pumped about that too. Cool!!!

Also this week we went on a really fun Ward activity. We went to a river to swim but, of course, being missionaries, we couldn't do anything but we did take some cool pics. Then we ate some delicious food after. 

had the opportunity to go to a super spiritual meeting with President Ruiz. We talked a lot how we need to have trust in those that we lead. And it's true. It's just the same as what Christ did. He constantly showed everyone his love. And obviously he was a great leader. He led a group of 12 of the greatest men to ever what this earth. Basically I was just mind blown after the whole meeting. 

Well, it looks like my time is up. Bye and love you all!!! Peace!!!!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, September 16, 2013

Here in Mazate

Yay! We (South Fremont) won Homecoming! I'm pretty happy.

This week has been spent getting to know a lot more members and it's been really helpful. Well without the members we would get super lost. Our area is super huge! We spent a lot of our focus on finding families and it has been tough. But I have learned that in the mission you must rely on just enduring. If we give up right now we don't find that family that God is going to put in our way tomorrow. We always keep on working.

I love it here in Mazate. The people are great! My Ward Has about 200 people - kind of like home. My area is pretty sweet in some ways. We have Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, and Burger King. We also have some really good ice cream. It is the most urban-like place in my mission but it is still pretty rural. I guess it is really cool to see all the stuff that they have here. 

We have been teaching an investigator that the previous Elders were teaching. It looks like she wants to be baptized. We are just looking for a lot of support from the members. It seems that a couple hers ago, there were some missionaries who were really stupid and kind of killed the trust for the missionaries, that's one of the most important elements as a missionary. You need the trust of the members so you can work effectively with them. For example, this week we had a member who wanted to go visit with us. We let him, of course. But what happened is, he didn't trust us, and so he didn't let us talk and instead of helping the investigator, he highly confused him. It's kind of funny. The nice thing is that we gained more of his trust. And Mom, I am the DL. And, If you could pray for a family that we are teaching right now. They are very open to letting us teach them but they aren't acting on the commitments. Thanks ya'll!

I have talked to the President with some concerns and all will be good. Well, I hope! Unfortunately I can't post pictures because there are no ports. Well I love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, September 9, 2013

Rockin' and a Rollin' in Mazatenango, Guatemala

Well if you hadn't taken note, there have been a few earthquakes lately on my side of the country and most of them have been pretty fun. Oh ya! Anyway, before I tell you my earthquake story I have had changes.

The changes have been like HUGE changes. Like I am in a whole new area. Unfortunately, I had to love my wonderful area in Retalhuleu to go to Mazatenango but the cool thing is that I now know what those names mean. Reu mean city in holes and Mazatenango means place of deer but there are no deer here because they are dead. I got moved here and this city is freaking huge. Like it even has a Taco Bell and a Subway so I'm pretty pumped. I am opening an area again with my new companion Elder Pichardo. He is from Nicaragua and he is a super good teacher. He's got like 18 months in the mission and we get along really well. The only deal is he isn't really obedient but the people love him. This place is really cool.

Now I will tell you the story of the second time I shook the crap out of Guatemala. So I was in Missionary Correlation with our mission leader in our ward of 170 people - WHAT! We were just chillin', talking all spiritual and stuff, then BOOM, all of a sudden the ground was going up and down and up and down. Then a member just yelled, "Run!" So we booked it through the church, like kind of tripping because of the quake. This quake was super long and lasted like 25 seconds! So we kept running. Then we made it outside and just like threw ourselves on the ground. After that and two smaller quakes passed, we went into the back of the church grounds and prayed that all would be well and all was well! Thanks God for that because it was nuts!!!

Then yesterday, my comp and I were contacting and we got kind of bored ya know. Then we realized we weren't funny enough and just not happy enough. So in the end what we did was slap each other and then kept on working and it was super awesome. In the end of the day we found a really cool family that wants to learn more and the coolest was that it was just the difference in attitude! Yay! Well, anyways, Bye! love you all. No wait. This family that we found is way cool as in like they have asked so many time why there are so many churches and we explained and they were so interested. Yay!!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, September 2, 2013

Another Adventurous P-Day and a Miracle Week

Hey ya'll. How are you doing? I hope everything is going well. I am doing just fine. Today I went and saw one of the coolest ruins ever. Basically they are the only Mayan Ruins I have ever been to and they are the only ones in my mission. At the site there is a bunch of old things like jewelry and Mayan and Olmec stuff. On the Book of Mormon side, Jaredites, Lamanites, and Nephite's. it was so sick to see all these things and who knows, maybe I walked where some prophet walked. In reality it was one of the coolest P-Days of my entire life. Like it blew my mind. Plus we had tons of fun jumping off of an old pyramid and stuff like that. I also wore my rubber chicken tie. It is one of the best ties that exists in this world and it cost me only a dollar! Also, we saw monkeys! For me it was a really good P-Day just because changes are coming up in two days. I don't know if I am going to be staying in Reu. I hope so. I love it here. The only thing I can't stand is the freaking heat! 

Elder Saunders must be very strong! Poor guy.

Jumping off the pyramid thing at the ruins

Notice the rubber chicken tie. Only worn on P-Days!

But by golly, we really enjoyed ourselves thorugholly. This just in, I don't know how to spell that word anymore. This is bad. Anyways, as we went through these ruins we learned a lot about them - the Mayan and other Olmecs. The Olmecs are a civilization that has been around way before the Mayans. And just like the Jaredites, their history says they came from a large tower in another land. That was super cool. We also saw an old highway tht supposedly goes from Mexico to Panama. That's how incredible old Central American Indians are. It is so cool! 

This week has truly been a week of miracles. In fact, it has been great! We found three families and two of them are quite positive. We also had four investigators in our little branch. They were a tenth of the attendance. Basically, I have had a great week. Things are going great kwhich probably means I'm headed out of my area because I'm a preparer. I have always left an area better than when I arrived. That is my goal.l

Well, I'm done. Bye!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Exciting Life of Elder Grant

First, I got the package but it was partly robbed. I got the socks and the shirt, a broken pedometer and open bags of candy and beef jerky. Oh well, that's life. It comes with challenges. I wasn't mad. God puts little things like that in our way constantly so it's not a big deal. He wants to test us to see how we react. 

What to say about this week? It has been an adventure! Well let me pull out my journal and I'll hit you all up. I am sorry if my letters can be a little boring but the problem is, well, I just don't notice the weird things anymore. Like it is just normal to shower with water out of a bucket, eat bugs in my food, buy purified water or boil my water. It is just kind of normal but it is fun! I will say I do quite enjoy the shower every morning. We have to fill a tub of water with a bucket out of our sink and then I stand in the bathroom, that has no door, and I pour cold water over my head until I'm clean. So it's nifty.

This week we have had some good and some rough experiences. We don't know why but its so hard right now to find new investigators. On the bright side, we found a turtle and then we killed it (sorry Aunt Tracie --Robin) and then, for kicks and giggles, we ate it. And by golly, it was delicious. That was the first time, in my whole life, I have eaten turtle and it was quite tasty! I figured I would share that with you all. 

Also this week we found a crazy guy who said if we tried to get him to stop drinking, his twenty guys with guns would shoot us. We told him to keep on drinking. He was just a crazy old man, so don't worry. 

Also, this week has been good with some investigators. (Side note, this computer won't put my pictures on) We have a family that we are teaching. The familia Tuy is great. Our lessons have been great with them. The only problem is that the wife doesn't believe anything unless it is in the bible. So we are working on her.

Well, it has been an hour. Thanks for all. Love ya tons!

Con amor,
Elder Grant 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

It is a Pet Deer

Well first of all, I am mad as I can get that you dare sell the van. The man-van deserves so much better than that. I hope you know that I never want to come home now. You are so mean! Hahaha I received the funniest letter this last week. It is the one about the snake from Mom. I have never been happier to read a letter. Then I shared it with my companion and I may share it with the District. Thanks for giving me a well needed laugh.

I hope all is well with you because things here have been great. We have found some weird stuff this week. We found a family who has a pet deer, yes a deer. It's not like some weird Guatemalan deer. It is a white tail deer - if you all wanted to know. It is friendly, like in you can pet it! How much does that happen in Idaho? Like never because they run away super quickly. That was super cool. She sleeps in the house with the family and basically it is just really cool. And I am super pumped because I had the opportunity to pet a deer and will probably continue going to go see it. 

Today we played ultimate frisbee and I learned many things. One thing is that my mouth has gotten much better in competitive environments. I still like to yell silly things while playing sports and I am super out of shape. But man it is so fun. 

Well, I don't know what's up this week but the Mission has been doing horribly. I think that the majority of the problems come from being sinful, especially the leadership. We must be obedient to receive blessings. 

Well I gotta go. I love you all tons!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Letter from President Ruiz

We received an email and a letter from Collin's new mission president today. They also sent along a picture. We think he has a new companion. Thank good ness for Google Translate. The first is the email and the second is the letter.

"Buenos días es un gusto saludarles,


Es grato para nosotros informar del buen trabajo de su hijo. Él ha sido una inspiración a muchas personas en Retalhuleu, Guatemala  por su  testimonio, valentía, dignidad  y su labor abnegada en bienestar de los débiles de esta tierra.    Estas escrituras describen claramente  lo que él es ahora:


D y C 1: 4 y 5.

“Y la voz de amonestación irá a todo pueblo por boca de mis discípulos, a quienes he escogido en estos últimos días.   E irán y no habrá quien los detenga, porque yo, el Señor, los he mandado.”


Alma 57:27

“Ésta, pues, fue la fe de aquellos de que he hablado; son jóvenes, y sus mentes son firmes, y ponen su confianza en Dios continuamente.”


Alma 13: 3

“Y ésta es la manera conforme a la cual fueron ordenados, habiendo sido llamados y preparados desde la fundación del mundo de acuerdo con la presciencia de Dios, por causa de su fe excepcional y buenas obras, habiéndoseles concedido primeramente escoger el bien o el mal; por lo que, habiendo escogido el bien y ejercido una fe sumamente grande, son llamados con un santo llamamiento, sí, con ese santo llamamiento que, con una redención preparatoria y de conformidad con él, se dispuso para tales seres”.


Les agradecemos la fe que han depositado en esta maravillosa obra, al confiarnos a su hijo."

Retalhuleu, 17 de Agosto de 2013.


Estimados padres de Elder Grant:

Deseamos informarles que su hijo está sirviendo como Líder de Distrito en la Misión Retalhuleu en Guatemala.  Un Líder de Distrito es aquel misionero destacado entre sus compañeros, por su liderazgo, cualidades excepcionales y es un misionero que bautiza, por lo cual, se le ha dado la confianza de dirigir un grupo de misioneros para capacitarlos según el modelo del manual Predicad Mi evangelio, herramienta fundamental de enseñanza.

Apreciamos muchísimo el entusiasmo y el deseo de su hijo de servir al Señor y a sus semejantes en este maravilloso tiempo.  

Él está en las manos del Señor, pero necesitará su aliento y apoyo.  Él se enfrenta a pruebas y desafíos que lo fortalecerán y lo beneficiarán eternamente. En este mes de Agosto y Septiembreiniciará un gran desafío para él su noble compañero, dando el 100% de su alma, mente y fuerza con el objetivo de traer muchas almas al Señor. El y su compañero se han establecido lameta de buscar y bautizar personas en Agosto y 3 Septiembre.

Les exhortamos a que lo ayuden a disfrutar de este desafío, anímenle a trabajar duro, a combatir el desconsuelo, a amar a su compañero y a las personas a quienes enseñe.  Anímenle a confiar en el Señor y buscar su guía por medio de su Espíritu.  

Ustedes pueden ayudar a su hijo a trabajar fuertemente en la obra misional, a través de sus oraciones, de cartas inspiradoras y con palabras de aliento.  Nos comprometemos a hacer todo lo que esté a nuestro alcance para ayudar a su hijo a servir una misión exitosa y a desarrollar su potencial divino.  Les agradecemos la fe que han depositado en esta maravillosa obra, al confiarnos a su hijo.  Que el Señor les bendiga.




Pdte. y  Hermana Ruiz

Misión Retalhuleu, Guatemala

Monday, August 12, 2013

Jey que tal?

Hey ya'll. What's up? I'm doing fine, in fact I'm doing just fantastic. Today was a super fun p-day. We went to a cool museum and now here we are writing. It was quick, fast, and easy so I have no problem with it. Also, the mission life is good!

I have had a lot of learning this week, especially over what it truly means to be a member of the church.  I have learned that as members we promise to do so many things and, like a motor that doesn't work if it doesn't have all the parts, salvation doesn't work if we don't include all the parts. I learned how important it really is to be a member who shares the gospel. Now this doesn't mean that everyone we talk to gets converted or that no one even listens. It means that we will try. Really that is all that God asks of us. We always need to try. We aren't perfect and He knows that but if we try Christ's atonement makes up for the rest. So, that is my spiritual thought for the week. Sorry it is so scatter brained.

As far as the work here, the whole zone is having a rough time, especially getting people to church. Nobody can get their investigators to go. It stinks! But the Lord will help us find a way to fix that. The Lord gives us these challenges for a reason. For example, maybe in my life things won't go the way I want, in fact, they probably won't. So, the Lord is helping me to learn for the future. The Lord is helping me to become a better person. I came out here wanting to be a baptizing machine and though I work with all my might, mind, and strength, I'm simply not a baptizer. But, I have  learned that even in the face of hardship you just need to buckle down and get to work. And that's what I do and it has helped immensely. Other than that not a whole lot has happened this week. Well, it's time to go! Bye. Love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Hanging out at the museum.

Elder Grant and Elder Ortega, District buddies

Elder Grant and Elder Saunders with their mustaches

Monday, August 5, 2013

Greetings Family

Hey family! well I'm writng you after a very fun pday. We went mini golfing and it was great! We had much fun and as you can see by the pictures I have flawless form. Also, I sent a picture of me and a little girl while im holding a tooth brush so its really funny! That's gross because her teeth are very icky.

To answer a few questions, we do not have rainbows here. They simply don't exist. Also, let Whitney know that she won't see her passport from the day she enters Quate. It all goes to the church office and then it is returned when you leave. Also let her know that it is really hot here but not in Quetz and drunks are funny. Let Uncle Wayne know that I am close to Mazatenango. It is pretty cool there. They have a Taco Bell! I met the Quatemala City Temple President once and he is cool. San Marcos rules because it is cold but Xela stinks because it isn't in my mission. Hahaha

I don't have too much to say this week except that I will tell you my miracle. We finally had a family at church that is so prepared. They want to know which church is true! Also I learned that as a leader I need to give more of myself and though sometimes I will feel as though my area will suffer, it will help others and that's what Christ did. He gave his whole life and incredible treasure so that everyone has an oporunity for a better life. As a representative of him I need to help the others in my district. Well, I would love to write more but thanks to some district issue and problems, I must leave. Well, love ya tons! Bye.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Maybe he was teaching her to use a toothbrush. 

This must be where the golf pros sit.

Perfect form? Does that include the pen in his mouth?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fasting Brings Blessings

Well, this week has been a whole lot of adventures! It was weird to not have the 24th of July but thats the last of all of them! Woot. This week has gone by very well and I have been able to gain a much better testimony of the power of fasting like for example how powerful it is. We fasted this last week, as a zone, for families and we all found families. It was awesome and many of them are positive. None of that would have happened if it weren't for the fast. Speaking of fast, the mission is shooting by super quickly as in I have less than 11 months until I go home. I know that thanks to good old Elder Yergensen in the office because, well, he likes to tell me these things.  Also this week we have had some fun with good old drunks.  Yesterday I got one to believe I'm from a country called Grinalicho which is in the middle of the ocean and we speak every language in the world. It was super funny but all the drunkenness is sad.

This week has been hard because of stupid substances like that. We had a family drop us because they use drugs and don't want to drop them. That was kind of hard because they were pretty positive which stinks ya know. But that's how life is. We found other people and that's just how life is here. Sometimes bad things happen and we can't  do anything to help it. Oh well.

Well things are going better with the training. I feel that he has been really down on himself and he was but is getting better. I just need to help him to realize that to study for your investigators is the best way to grow yourself. When you are looking for a way to help others, God helps you so much more in return. That's one of the many things that I absolutely love about missionary work because its so wonderful in that sense. Also I've never been closer to Christ - ever in my whole life. i wish i could always feel this way but I won't because I won't have his special mantle with me after the mission since I'll be released darn..... Oh well!  Well I gotta go. I hope all is well with ya'll and I love ya tons bye!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Elder Grant and his District.

Happy for McDonalds.

That is some pretty short hair Elder Grant seems to have.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Another Week in the World of Guate


Hey! Well I just wanna write you all because I love ya guys! This week has been an adventure. We had to cross a river because the rock bridge got covered by the water. We had to go down to another part and cross the river and that was fun. We found a giant caterpillar and then we squished it and it exploded in a giant green icky ness. That was super fun as well. 

This week has been full of mâchéting people like my district. They have been super disobedient so I macheted them and it was great. Now they are more obedient. Not a whole lot else happened this week. We have some good progress with investigators. The only hard thing is getting them to church. I am super bummed about that. The Spirit has been leading us a ton and its been greatly great to have been able to listen more to the Spirit. It is definitely the best thing in the world to have the Sirit to guide you. 

I am glad you are having fun in Oregon, I just googled Devils Churn. That looks like a fun place to not fall in! Our new Pres. is incredible and so awesome. He wants to come to work with us in our area. Woot!

Well other than that I am done. Love ya tons! Oh wait, the district and zone are kicking butt. Also, one of my best friends, Elder Aoki, is now leaving the mission which stinks. Bye!

Con Amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, July 15, 2013


Thanks for letting me know that you got last week's emails. I had gotten a ton of emails that said they didn't send today and I was really worried but they did make it out. I just finished emailing President Ruiz and hopefully this letter will make it to all of you. If not I will feel bad. I like to include you all in my adventures! 

I hope all is well with you because I am doing well. My poor companion is having a little bit of a breakdown. I don't think he thought the mission was going to be this tough but it's tough and he will adjust because he is a tough kid. Well, way tough because he is like freakin' huge. He was a linebacker at Dixie State. He is pretty much my bodyguard and occasionally he scares some people because he is so much bigger than they are and they don't want to talk to us which is kind of funny. He is getting frustrated with how no one wants to come to church because the chapel is an hours walk from where the majority of the people live. It is hard to get people there. But, that is alright because God will provide a way. I know he will and Elder Saunders will be okay. 

My companion and I have been working super hard and our District is doing quite well. We have had six baptisms with two families so I am really excited. It looks like we can get three more with a family in my area. One of the problems there is that a member makes the family's dad work on Sundays which stinks. I am going to machete him a little so he lets the guy go to church so he can be baptized. Woot!!! I am really excited. 

I have also realized that being the DL isn't too bad because I have a lot of spiritual experiences in interviews. I get to feel the Spirit from those who really want to be better people. It is incredible to see the changes in them. 

Well, time is up so I had better go, I hope that all is well and you are all happy. Bye and love you al, tons!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

P.S.  send me candy ya know...like if you want to show me you love me :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


How are you all? I hope you are all doing just fabulous. Well this week has been pretty bomb. We had a family baptized and looks like we have another family of five with another dude and another family of two and two other people this week. I'm super pumped with the District. They are all working hard and I am super excited. 

This week, my awesome companion and I walked all over the place and we are still finding a lot of people. I'm really excited that we are earning the trust of the members. My companion is so bomb! All the time we are laughing and just enjoying life. It is going to be hard letting him go. It is super fun when Elder Saunders and I get to nerding out about Lilo and Stitch or Star Wars - my personal favorite. We work hard too.

I have met the new President, Presidente Ruiz, and he is insanely awesome. He's super chill and it is kinda funny to watch the lack of formality that he has. President Maravilla was quite formal. But Pres. Ruiz is kind of a little bit of a party. Also, he lives like literally four minutes walking from my house. I have to make sure that we never do anything stupid but don't worry, we sure won't

This week I made a cup out of a plant that was cool but I forgot my camera to show you. Darn! Crazy note, in three days I'm gonna have a year. That is kind of nuts! Wow time flies here on the mission and I don't like it because everyday goes by so fast and I love every moment here. But, all good things must come to an end. At least I still have 11 months! Woot! Heck yes!!!

I love you all and just want to invite you all to try and get the missionaries to talk to a friend or to someone who isn't active. That would be cool ya know! Peace out and bye!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blessings of Obedience

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I hope all is well. Did you all get to see that awesome training meeting because if not you should look it up. It was freaking incredible! And before I tell you about my life, I want to invite you all to share the gospel with anyone. Sometimes it's hard but like the video shows, it can be simple, too, just by simply helping someone.

Well this week has been pretty cool. We walked a ton. My area is huge and it is like a mile between each little sector of houses. So yesterday we walked like five hours. It was super tiring haha. But it is going great here. We are trying to be super obedient and it is helping a ton. We are seeing a lot of miracles in our lives. We found so many people and so many families this week. We found two really positive families and it is incredible. I know that without the Spirit we would never have found all of these people. I am so happy about it.

Well I found some cool stuff out about my area. There is a huge piece of land that is like 30 hectares. It is massive!!! The area has guard towers with dudes that have AK47s. I was thinking this was weird for guarding corn. Turns out that inside there is a little town where people make cocaine and harvest marijuana. That certainly explains the towers. And we saw this dude that has no eyes because he went on the land. Needless to say we aren't going to go on that land. Ummm...also they have an airstrip which is cool. I have been wondering why I heard planes at like 3:00 in the morning. Weird and sketchy stuff!!! You have got to love Guate. This place rules!!

We also got a new mission president. I don't know him yet but I bet he is cool. I could go get to know him if I wanted. He lives five walking minutes from my house but I feel he wouldn't like that. I feel he would get mad. But maybe someday...when I know him better.

Well, love you all. Bye!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Here are some pictures:

Absolutely beautiful! I love this country!

Havin' some fun in the terrible heat.

Lots of walking. 

Delicious, ripe mango.

Tie collecting.

This is how I brush my teeth.