Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Holy Spiritual Meeting!!!

Hey there! Alright, well this week has been a good one. In fact it has been so good that Saturday and Sunday I was completely exhausted. I was so tired that I fell asleep in lunch and dinner both days. My comp did too, so funny! 

Things have been rough for our Zone. We keep having emergency changes which are killing the Zone. Everytime there is a change, the Zone goes into a state of depression because it is a Zone of all women and they are much more sentimental than elders. It has given me a headache! Haha but in spite of that, we have great new from the Verde. We had 76 people with two investigators and they want to be baptized. We just want to get some things fixed up before that. I am really excited!

This week a member of the Seventy, Elder Soares, visited us and it was sick! (Sick as in good) I got to shake his hand. He spoke about how we can magnify our calling. Then I got to be the microphone holder which was super fun ... Not! I didn't get to take notes, a blessing of being a ZL. Jaja. Oh, well!

I am also happy but bummed. Due to said meeting, I missed my opportunity to go to the sealing of that family I baptized. But really, the truth is that I'm just happy that they made it there. That is the best part! 

I can't send pictures because my connecting cable doesn't work anymore. I need to buy a new one or an adaptor. Bad luck! 

Well, that is my week! 

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Comp, Same Area

Alright, so this week has been eventful. I'm still in the same area but Elder Quiroz went home which sucks but it was his time. He was so awesome and definitely my FAVORITE companion so far. But, I have also received a really good companion as well. His name is Elder Cano from Honduras, so I got another catracho! These guys are always insane. He likes to work which, for me, is the best! I love a companion who likes to work, it means we will get along just fine. Every one of us has little problems but if we work hard we overlook those.

On the baggy side this week, I saw Elder Quiroz yesterday. A family was talking to him through Skype and he was like "Dude! compa!" And I was like "Bro we aren't comps now!" ...and that was really baggy. Also, Elder Jones, a kid from my group, showed me a picture from San Isidro and that made me want to go back so I hope I die there as a zone leader. That would be so sick!!!!

On the missionary work side of this day it has been good, we found a kid yesterday who hasn't been baptized yet so we are going to do it. He needs to be baptized. I don't know why his family hasn't done it yet. That is gonna be good. Also his older brother hasn't been baptized either. So we'll figure out what to do there with him. I am excited! The Branch is getting better. We have a steady attendance of 70 which has never happened before plus we have a bus which is great! 

Also this week I got new shoes that are are  really nice but only 100 Q. Wahoo!!! Cheap!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!

Pues jiotes los quiero mucho adios!
Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Late New Year!

Hey! So guess what! It was my sister's birthday. I even celebrated it!!! So it has been a good week. We had another great attendance in our little Branch. We had 70, not like last week, but still pretty good. It is also a sad week. My best companion, Elder Quiroz, is ending his mission which stinks because it is soooo baggy! Without even trying I think about home. We have still worked hard so that is good. I am happy about that. My companion thinks you guys are cool. He was so happy with the Rook game, thanks for sending that to him. He was super pumped!!! With my comp's leaving, I feel like I am ready to spread my wings and fly out of the nest away from my Mother Quiroz. jaja

Also, with the changes, my Zone of Sisters is still a Zone of Sisters. That hasn't changed. They give me treats so I get fat but that's alright. I love treats!!! My zone is so cool. 

I am good and happy. I love my area and the people and I hope that the family comes to love Guatemala as much as I do. To think that in a short time I will have to leave this place makes me super sad. So, I don't think about it. We had two investigators in church this week and one of them seems to be progressing really well. I am really excited about that. Also this week we have been using bikes. We realized that we weren't working to our full potential so... We borrowed some bikes and life has been so much easier. It has also been super fun. 

I am sending some stuff home with Elder Sleight for you guys. When is your anniversary? I have sent something special for you and Dad and you can't open it until your anniversary unless it already passed and then you can open it when you get the stuff. (A quick reply to this question let Collin know our anniversary is in July. He thought it was February. He decided we can open in now then. He'll be home before July.)

That's about it for this week, just loving this mission, like always. 

Con amor,
Elder Grant