Monday, June 23, 2014

A Post To End It All

How to end this ... Well I guess I have been staring here at the screen for well over 20 minutes wondering what to write or how to explain how I feel. The truth is I really don't know what to say. Probably I have never felt more torn part in my life. I absolutely have loved my mission and though there have been rough times and good times, none have been for the negative. In fact, they have all helped me grow. I don't know, today has definitely been one of the harder days in my mission. I guess in all reality, the mission is over with now. Tomorrow I am off to a sealing and I'll be there all day. And to tell the truth I feel more nervous right now than I did when I left on the mission. It is just weird and I can't decide how I feel. But oh well. I guess it has to end. I kind of wish I had extended but now it is too late. Plus, I think it would have been a killer for my sisters. jaja

I'm so excited to see about going to the temple tomorrow to see that final goal of all baptisms is. 

As it comes to an end, I want to thank you all for the support and examples you have all given me!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, June 16, 2014

All Good Things Come to an End

The money transfer was a success. I love Jaime. He gave me the money and will pull it out tomorrow. He is a good member. Also, yes, I know the Hodgemans. They are my favorite old people ever. They are crazy! They let us watch the Hobbit 2. Not sure how that passed. Oh well. I love those guys!

Well, this is the second to last email that you will get from me. It is just weird thinking about. I do not like it at all ... but it has to happen. 

Today I went and visited the family from Malacatan to end it all. It was awesome. They gave me caldo de pollo and it was delicious. 

This week has been full finding out that the families we have been teaching were attacked by their pastors. So my comp and I had a Bible bash with these guys and owned them. Then their people called them liars because they told everyone we don't use the Bible but we knew it better than the pastors did. 

Well, I guess that's all I've got. Sorry my brain is just kind of mush.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Not Much Happening

It is official. I am dying. The missionaries on my sides just reminded me of that. It doesn't mean I am not going to work. In fact, I have to keep working. I am going to have the best way ever to end the mission. I am going to go, the day before I go home, to see one of my families get sealed, I am so excited, teny have been my best friends here in Guate for over a year now. I am going to end the mission seeing them all in white with their three little girls getting sealed. Best wayl to die!

Other than that, this has been one of the hardest weeks of my mission. My companion and I have been working hard but nothing has happened. When my old companion, Elder Galvez, was dying, everything went perfectly but oh well. The Lord puts trials in our way to help us grow and learn. Still a fun experience.

Well, our really positive investigator, William, has puttered out right now. We had asked him before if he was married legally and he told us yes. We found out a few days ago he isn't married which stinks, he was going to get baptized this week. That is kind of a bummer, a huge bummer actually. We just need to keep going.

I'm not sure I am going to finish baptizing but at least I know I'm leaving the zone better than I found it. Other than that there isn't a whole lot going on. Got the package and so we are playing Nerf guns and machetes in the house for pday. Haha We have had nonstop fun with that little Nerf pistol. I have two machetes and we try to block the darts with the machetes. It is just freaking hilarious. Our neighbors are watching us like we are completely nuts.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Good News and a Birthday

Well good news. This week that family that I worked with a lot last year said they are officially going to the temple now! So, the 24th, the day before changes, I'm going to be in the temple with them. I am really excited for that.

This week has been cold and wet. We are making progress here in they to mountains which is super important because President is expecting a lot out of us right now. Plus I want to end on a really good note. We are work eking so hard so everyone can end well, also, there are a lot of us leaving at the end of this change,

On the baggy side of things, I had my last interview with President. He said I'll probably be get married in 3 years. Jaja we'll see. It is all good here. It will be weird being home and President told me good luck. That was about it.

am going to leave from Guatemala super late because that stinks - like 11:40. I'll be sitting around forever again, like when I came. 

William is doing well, the only thing we need to do with him is teach him out of the Priincipals of the Gospel. He said he is bored of missionary lessons. We are just going to keep going and see what is up.

Other than that, nothing has happened this week-except I am old!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting Old

Well on Saturday I will officially be old. So many hours have passed in my life and it has been so fast. Sometimes I get scared that my life is going be that fast after this but I still want to enjoy it a ton. Can't believe it. And in one month I will be home. Not quite sure what to think about that. 

This week was alright. I mean my wallet was stolen so that kinda stinks... It doesn't look like the wallet is coming back because I was in Reu. A lot of missionaries use Western Union for pisto and it is decent. I am sick again and I think it is Dengue again and Dengue is the worst. Must have gotten it at the coast. My entire body is achy and my head hurts. It hurts to breathe but whatever.

Hermana William is progressing quite a bit but I am really mad at myself right now. We had a great lesson with him last night and it was really spiritual. But then his drunk boss came in and was being stupid. After about 20 minutes, I couldn't take it anymore so I chewed him out. The boss got mad and started yelling. I hope it doesn't affect William. He told his boss that he was a Mormon so that is a good sign. Please pray for him so he will be alright. I am also praying for more patience.

That is really all I have to say because I don't want to focus too much on home in the last leg of the mission. Love ya all!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, May 19, 2014

Last Changes and a New (and Last) Companion

So this week had been a little bit lame ... The first half anyway. I was with my baggy, baggy, baggy companion. We didn't do much work. But then on Wednesday we had changes and that was probably one of the weirdest experiences of my life. I have been to tons of those meetings and these last nine months, as a zone leader, I have been to every one. It stinks to see all my buddies leaving. We were sitting there listening to all the testimonies and then up stepped Elder Dalton. I couldn't believe it. My first companion was now going home. And, he only has one more change than me. Then it hit me that I am in the last leg of my mission. I need to pick things up. So, I got a new companion, Elder Hernandez from Peru. He is cool! I thought I was going to get Elder Locke, from Idaho, but that didn't happen. My companion is a really good kid. We work well together because I don't want to die in my mission as a slacker missionary.

So good news! The girl we baptized last year is still going strong and wants to go to the temple now. And because the guy that baptized her felt the spirit, he wants to go to the temple now!!! I am so excited because I am going to go see them get sealed!!! What a great way to end the mission.

In other good news, looks like we have two more baptisms coming up. The partial family we are teaching is progressing a ton. I love the gospel. It just makes people happy and that is what is happening with him. He just keeps getting happier. He believes in the sacerdocio and now asks for blessings. I am super excited. He should be baptized on my birthday - May 31st. That's probably the best birthday present ever. So I am really excited. And more success means more animos to work! I am glad I have got a good comp to die with who won't let me die lamely.

So funny story. My companion went to chest bump me last night, after we finished the day, because that is what we normally do when we get done for the day. But, he is super tiny - like 135 pounds and I'm a 185 fatty. I sent the poor kid flying into the wall and he hit his head. Hahaha he is okay.

This week is going to be sick. Presidente Duncan is coming to the mission so we are going to see what's up with him and then after I'm staying in Reu again. I LOVE Reu! That's about it for this week. Love you guys!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Baptism and Mother's Day Call

Hey Happy Mother's Day to all you moms, aunts, and grandmas out there!

Good news! We had a baptism last week. I would send pics but my comp isn't here, my camera is dead. He left to San Marcos to do something. I have another companion for the day. My comp goes home tomorrow.

On the cool news, I got to talk to my family!!! That was awesome. They all seem happy but it was weird because I am dying soon. Well, not soon but it is there on the list. But, no worries, we are finitely going to keep working! HARD!!!! I am happy. And, I am happy about the baptism. It is a cool story.

This girl named Wendy is working for a family of members and she lives there with them. Well the wife took her to the temple and she felt the spirit super strongly. So, we went to teach her and asked her if she wanted to be baptize. She said, "Yes!" And there you have it. She went to church, has progressed, and got dunked. And we are happy. Then the previous Stake President's daughter got married to a nonmember and he is really positive. I am so pumped! He will be baptized either the 24th or the 31st. 

(This is info from our phone call, Skype, with Collin. We loved talking to him. He will be home in 6 weeks. So this was a bit of a different call than the others. It was more of a preparation for the return type of call. He did have some new info. He told us about the fleas and how he is being eaten alive. He said the sprays aren't as effective as we would like to think they are. He has lots of holes in his shoes but can make it to the end. He is loving his zone - full of Elders. He is healthy and happy. He is feeling a bit "baggy" and feels very frustrated with that. He doesn't want to think about coming home but it just happens. His current companion had extended and was very baggy. He went home this last Wednesday. That has made it more difficult to ignore the fact that he is now in his last transfer. He had many questions about home and we talked about what he eats and the "cold" temperatures. Poor kid will freeze when he gets home.

He said that their p-day would be spent traveling to Reu for a day of fun at the President's home. They were going to eat and play tennis. In order to get there from San Pedro, they had to leave at 5:30 a.m. and travel to Quetzeltenango where they would catch a bus to Reu. The ride would be three hours from Quetz to Reu. If they traveled from San Pedro then it would be about 5 1/2 hours. They had earned this p-day by exceeding the goals that were set for the zone. Collin was pretty excited! We received this picture that was taken inside President Ruiz's home.)

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, we were having a pday at President's house. It was really tired. We were up at 4:30 and then travel and playing in the hot sun. Then we had four hours of travel back. I fell asleep at 9:30. I haven't been to bed that early since before my mission. 

Well, time is up. I love you guys a tons!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Skyping on Sunday

Hey we will check my email quickly on Wednesday. Will you let me know of a good time to call on Sunday? Kind of important that we get together. I will be Skyping because it is way cooler than a phone call.

A new roof sounds interesting. Is it going to be flat still or more pointy? Things to be answered when I call.

I am doing well. I am not as baggy as I thought I was two days ago. I thought I had three months left. I was teasing some members about giving me presents because I only had three months left and this kid was like no, you have less than two months. I didn't have my time right. My companion is super baggy and destroying us with his baggyness. I think I could use a fireball this next change.

We are really working on our goals here in the zone. We want to get our attendance of the stake to 8000 and the ward to 120. We are odor king hard and are nearly there.

One of our fechas fell through. I was pretty ticked. I macheted the dad pretty good. We have some parents that have been telling their kids they can't go to church because we don't believe in God. WE DO!!!! The kid really wanted to go to church but his stepdad took him to work so he wouldn't be able to go. AHHH the mountains and its challenges. I love them. It keeps me pumped to go hard and just win. President knows that and it makes him happy, too.

Well, time is up. Love ya'll!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, April 28, 2014

Adventures in Rio Blanco

Wow, what to say about this week, I have been exhausted the whole time. Here is the story. So Monday, it was a normal pday spending time just missioning it up playing ultimate frisbee. Then I realized I need to go to Rio blanco on divisions and I was like, "Alright. Sounds cool." So I packed my suitcase because it is a long trip and I would be staying until Thursday. Then I left at 7:00 pm on the bus. I got there at 9:00 because, ya know, it is only a two hours away on a dirt road surrounded by CLIFFS. The buses are all driven by some crazy Guatemalans and I swear are all gonna snap in half because they are rusty and are driven like they are drive in a rally race. I just kept beating my head off the window and some drunk lady fell on me. Some of her beer fell on my sweater.  I smelled like a drunk preaching white boy. That's a nice image as a representative of Christ. Finally I got done with that journey and made it to Rio blanco or White River in ingles, ya know.

I fell asleep and woke up at 6:00 to do a little exercise and decide, "Man, it is cold as crap!" I decide to wait my turn in the pathetically heated shower and read The miracle of Forgiveness. Everything is a sin but the ending is nice because we can repent. :) but that book is super good. President Kimball was a fireball! Then I showered and studied. Then we went to district meeting. Of to work then. We climbed some monster hills. They are super huge. I felt like I was climbing Table Rock, up the face or something, again! The next morning I got up to go running with Elder Green but my butt cheeks hurt too much so I was like, "uh... I'm not running." That day we walked two hours to a little town. Well, actually, it is a small city called Cabican. We walked two hours to get there and my tush was screaming for mercy but at least it is firm now. #flawlessfigure

That day was sick because we had a lesson with a less active and then with two investigators and we walked two hours down one mountain and up another to get back to Rio Blanco. We put a baptismal fecha and got two other guys super close to it as well.

One of the coolest parts of the day had to have been the personal and comp study we had.

Personal Study Insight: I wanted to find a better way to invite people to be baptized. I read Acts 2 because Peter baptized 3000 people which is otro pedo! As I read I found out one of the ways to show that the gift of tongues isn't just some stupid fake talking thing but really it is the ability to speak another language. The apostles started speaking in Hebrew and the Jews say, "Man, they are drunk. (That is funny because the drunks here have pretty good English.) then Peter explains that they are filled with the Spirit. Then he teaches them all about Christ and the plan of Salvation. He includes the resurrection of Christ and then the Jews, who were non-believers, ask what they should do. Petr tells them to get baptized and repent. It is because they felt the Spirit and the power of the Christ. Many people think that it may be because of the way we teach and only teaching a few things should make them convinced. But no! The investigators need to understand it all. It is the same for us.if we want to repent we need to understand really what the gospel is and our epentence will be more heartfelt and full.

Comp Study Insight: The kid I was with wanted to know how to tell an investigator that The Book of Mormon is the most correct book on earth because there is a guy that believes it but likes the Bible first and only. I showed him a scripture in 2 Chronicles 29. It mentions obvious books that don't appear in the Bible and BOOM!!! The guy now wants to go to church. That was pretty cool! 

I am feeling much better. I only have a runny nose now. I just had a nasty cold. I'm used to the cold now. Funny thing is that it has been very foggy lately. In fact, last night, just for fun, we opened the window and the room filled with mist. Good times! Cold but fun. Glad you have been getting rain but I promise that it is nothing like here. I will never ever see rain like this again.Well, love you guys a ton. My life is awesome!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter All

Well, this has not been the most productive week in history. It was Holy Week, which in my opinion may be the most apostate thing I've ever seen. It seems to be just a bunch of crazy people carrying weird giant float things of weird looking Jesuses. And being in a super Catholic area, no one was home. They we're either all at the beach or in the cathedral. Man, those cathedrals have some heavy incense. As we walked by my eyes were burning! It has been an interesting week.

We always left to work and we got the house super clean because this place was disgusting when I got here. Now it is nice and shiny. It doesn't smell like B.O. anymore. We burned like 50 pounds of old nasty clothes. That made the nasty smell go away. Then we uh,... Well we played a lot of Monopoly at night. The zone did have three baptisms this week. Today I am going to a placed called Rio Blanco to do a baptism interview. I will have to stay there until Thursday so that will be fun...ish. I hear it is super cold up there. I guess I will tell you about that next week. I have also heard that the fleas up there are terrible and they are bad here. I am always covered in bites and I'm always itchy. It is all worth it. It's all for a good experience.

My body has hurt a ton with the cold temperatures. I took a pill called diclefanaco and now my hips and knees and all that junk doesn't hurt anymore. It is the best thing that has happened to my health in the mission.

We had emergency changes in the zone this week. We lost Elder Nelson, the Canadian, and then we got Elder aha saker. That kid is a beast! He is so tall and he's just a great missionary. I'm super happy with the zone. The only problem is my comp and his baggy-ness. I am fighting against getting baggy. I want to finish like a champ. Harrison isn't doing as well. He doesn't want to go to church but we had an old guy go to church and that was cool! He is crazy but funny!

Love you all very much!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Yay for pictures! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm Cold

My greatest success this week was taking four people to church and a family. My biggest challenge this eek was finding people to teach - still not that fond of the missionaries. My favorite person this week is definitely Jesus but after him it would be my homie Harrison who is an investigator. He really wants to change his life and his spirit is incredible. Every lesson with him has been amazing! The spirit is always super strong and the teaching of my comp and me is really good. I'm direct and he's really good at the whole explaining deal. It works out really well. This coming week I am looking forward to taking more people to church so they can be baptized!

This week has been a good week. I remember while I was here before I didn't really like it at all. But, I've learned how much the mission can help us mature. So instead of saying, "Man, I have such a crappy zone," I can say, "I have a lot of work to do here." Really we have done quite a bit. We had four people and a family in church this week. That is incredible and they are all eye ally positive. 

I will tell you about Harrison. He is super cool. He has been looking for a way to get out of his problems, of which he has many. He went to General Conference and it touched his heart! It was so cool. The lessons we have had with him are just full of the spirit. He is changing a ton, too.

This week we also had a family that came out of nowhere and was a miracle. We were praying and the family came out during the prayer, sat down, and wanted to listen to us. It was so rad! Now they went to church and want to go back! 

This week we have a ton of lessons with the members. I love Preach My Gospel. It is definitely one of the greatest books ever written - like ever in the history of the Church. If all members read that book and applied the principles in it, we wouldn't have any of the crazy problems that we often run into.

Well, now this week is La Semena Santa, the holy week which means all the Catholics go kinda crazy... 

I am happy here in my area. The members are great!!! And even though my comp is super baggy, we teach really well together. Also, he is best friends with Elder Quiroz. It has been awesome. My comp just got his airplane ticket so he is gonna be even baggies. haha   Our zone made jerseys with our first names on them just to be funny and it was funny. We wore them to play soccer today and we totally owned it. The other team, the San Marcos zone, even had more players than us. I got to hang out with my son and awesome comp, Elder Saunders, again. It was fun but once again I am fried - like always up here in the mountains. 

Some of the zone Elders

My comp and I wearing the our zone soccer shirts

This is entitled "I AM COLD!"

Well, later! Same time, same place, next week!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, April 7, 2014

What's Up in Guate

Business first. I am down with taking any classes to boost my GPA. My goal is to transfer to BYU by next year! The pines sounds fine but you must get in contact with Blake J. We already have a deal to room together. He will be at BYUI in a couple weeks. Also, I want an exercise class, spinning maybe or military fitness again. I've got to get in shape for the ladies. I mean I can't progress until I'm hitched. But, I still have time for that. 

No pictures because I forgot my adaptor but I have written it down in my agenda for next week. 

Now, a big ol' saludos from the mountains of San Pedro! Ya boyz, I'm back! Now I'm with only Elders. I left the Relief Society and have landed in the Elders Quorum. I am bummed because I left all the Hermanas and they were fun. I miss them. I am definitely not used to Elders. Elders are a lot more crazy. I am still a ZL. My companion is a crazy Quatemalan kid, Elder Galvez. He already has 24 months now. He extended and he is so baggy! It's all cool, though. 

My health is good except I can't keep anything in me for much time. I am freezing up here. My feet are frozen. I had forgotten how cold it is. No worries. I can survive for three months. I have a gym now and permission too. WOOT!! Shout out to President. BOOM!!!

Conference was super sick right?!?!?! I loved it plus I got it in English. We had five investigators there which is sick for the mountains. The stake president is doing much better than before. We should have a baptism this month.

I'm pretty bummed The Big Bad Mackattack Bontempo (Hermana Bontempo) has left. Darn the dengue! But, she will finally get healthy. I gave her one of my ugliest ties to remember me by. It is a duck tie.

My companion speaks perfect English so we have a rule - in the streets it is all Spanish and in the house all English. We play Monopoly Deal every night which usually ends up as a bunch of cards thrown on the floor. The food I get here is sweet plus the members are rad! Some of the members still remember me and so we are always getting invited to eat. The most fun is the soccer game every Thursday night. I used to play and just go nuts so some remember that. Funny! But now I'm not as crazy. 

That's it.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, March 31, 2014


Oh man, victory! Ya, that's right. My zone, The Relief Society, owned today in soccer. We played Mazate who had destroyed all the other close zones. They called last night to tell me that they would own us too but NO!!!! Our zone of 6 Elders and 12 Hermanas destroyed their team 9 to 1. Jajaja

This week has been an adventure of saving fechas and losing some, while having to machete some. I am super impressed with the office this week. They have gone all out hard these last months and baptized 5 with four families!!! That is sick. They were such hard workers and a God has helped them a ton. And, they just keep going.

On the missionary part for me and my comp, we have two baptismal dates for next week. Brillando!!!! I am really excited for how we did as a companionship. We baptized the first w people in a year in La Verde. Plus, we got the attendance up to 93. That's sick!!! When you work hard, The Lord blesses you.

That is my week. I am happy and healthy except for some stomach issues. That's about it.

Con Amor,
Elder Grant

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What's Up Family and Friends?

Cool mom! God is giving you an opportunity to learn camping skills plus it could be a fun new hobby for the family. Glad you got a new car but are any of the same cars left? I am so out of the loop on this.

Well what's up family and friends and the whole of ya? So this week was sick! We baptized again in the Verde. The baptisms are all little kids but it is because their families have become active. That is cool! I had a sick interview with Presidente this week, it was good, I just needed to vent about stupid things and ZL stuff. It was so cool. I felt super good after. I learned a lot. Presidente basically macheted me and said shut up and listen. I did! In the interview he told me that I will have changes next week. He let me know super early, usually it is the day before. But now I know. That is cool! I have been in this zone for 9 months now. 

It has been a good day. For P-Day we had a huge water fight, it was such a party. I climbed up on the church and then dumped a huge bucket of water on the Hermanas as they walked out of the church. It was so fun!! Today I am chillin' with Elder Harumi and it has been fun.

Other than that, not a whole lot has happened. Just the same 'ol same 'ol. It has been really hot lately. I would send you pictures but I left my adaptor in the house. My bad! That's about it this week. Peace!

Con Amor,
Elder Grant 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Not Much To Report

Hey que tal pues. Well everyone, this week has been a little jodido but it's alright. We changed areas yesterday. That is alright too because I love my new area. I loved the old one too but I had been there forever. Like this zone, I've been here for 9 months and six as a zone leader. This is a great zone and I totally love the missionaries here. It is all good. I just want to be a positive influence wherever I am. 

I am well and all is good. I fact, it's been a great month so far. The office have been baptizing. Wahoo!!! That never really happens. On the other hand, the others of us haven't had any baptisms. I left a fecha in the other area where we were and I am hoping that goes well. The new missionaries there will get him baptized and that will be good because our zone needs it. 

Sorry no pictures this week because ... I was lazy and didn't use my camera. My bad! And I guess that is it. I am just loving the mission like always. Bye!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, March 10, 2014


An update on my clothing: All my shoes have died and I gave one pair to a needy missionary. But, I have the boots. The bottoms are destroyed but the leather looks good because I got it fixed, I won't throw them out. They are too dang comfy! Super duper comfy!!! I am good on clothing and stuff. I am going to bring home two suits and two shirts. That's it - along with my shoes.

Last package requests: All I need is a lot of candy. Hermana Bontempo says to send her a package of Idaho Spuds because she really likes those. She is funny! Hahaha

I can't believe that Michael is home. Please tell him hi and make sure he is all good. 


Well a few days ago, at about 5:00 a.m., I had just gotten back in bed after vomiting due to my dengue, when BOOM the phone rang. "It is the Hermanas," I say to myself and answer. All I hear is breathing and then they hang up. Confused, I sat up in my bed wondering "que onda" when BOOM they call again and I answer. I quickly say, "Hey, Hermanas! Is everything alright?" The Hermana says, "Yes, yes, yes, no, no, nnnoooo, NO! There is a drunk man in our patio trying to get in our house. So I was like, "AWWWWW! I'm about to kill a drunk." (Not really, you know. Just an expression) I wake up my comp so we can go and see the problem. He grabs the hammer and I grab the baseball bat. We get over and the dude has run off now. The sisters are startled but fine. I called the office and they get over quick. They brought the pickup just in case. Suddenly I saw a drunk man sleeping in the corner of the block. So I went over and he had the same shoes that left the marks on the wet floor of the sisters' house. I have him sit down and then someone, out of the nowhere, called the cops. They found us. I don't know how because addresses here are like "go to that house by the mango tree." So, somehow they found us. Then they take the poor drunk and beat him up in front of us.

After that, we got over to the sisters' house and the cops asked me to drive the pickup over to the house. Of course, I gladly said yes and drove the cop truck. But since it was an emergency, I didn't grab my camera. Que Basura!!!!!

Luckily I do have pictures of the zone going to the beach today which was sick! We can go in to our knees. I almost felt normal. It was fun. We ran away from the waves for like two hours and then we drove an hour and a half to come back because the roads there are terrible!

Also on the news list, I'm going, once again, back to another area. President is putting us in Pedregal again. It is the same zone but a different area. What stinks is they are taking out the Elders from one of our areas, El Asintal. Now it is going to be me, my companion, two elders, and 14 Sisters! It will definitely be a change for our zone without those Elders. Crazy changes because of crazy stuff! El Asintal is hating gringos right now because some drug dealer, from there, went to the States and got killed by the cops. Now they hate us white boys. That will be a party! I am pumped to go on splits there. 

Well have fun everyone! Love ya all.

Con amor no vemos,
Elder Grant

Riding "my" bike to President's house

Running away from the waves in the Pacific Ocean

Elder Robledo, a good friend, up to our knees

Monday, March 3, 2014

Got the Dengue

Hello family and friends. Mom, glad you had fun in SLC with your Missionary Mommas. I am super jealous that you shook an apostle's hand. That is really, really, really cool. 

The mission is going well and all is good. There we're many changes in the "Relief Society" but the nice thing is that all the companionships have been filled again. When one Hermana is taken out, they always bring another Hermana in. Sometimes I wish there were more Elders because I am not so good at dealing with all the girls. Also in the Zone, the office elders baptized. Counts for us! I think that we can do better as a zone. I am not sure what to say to them to get them going. It might be a sister thing and I just have to find the right words. Elders and Hermanas are way different. This week is the conference here in the estaca so that will be good. I hope it will ayudar the zone to baptize because we definitely need it. It has been rough finding new investigators. That isn't fun at all.

Today was p-day and it has been pretty fun. We played ultimate frisbee against the other zone and they only beat us by 2. They had 14 people on the field and we had 8 because some of the sisters hate playing. We did well. We also went to a place called Bambu and the food was terrible. They had really awkward menus made out of bamboo lumps with paper glued on it. Haha It was horrid. Their service was bad. All of it was bad but we laughed really hard as a zone.

am not feeling well. I have Dengue or at least that is what the nurses said. It is causing me to have a fever and huge headaches. My body aches and I am just not well. It is all thanks to a stupid mosquito that bit me. STUPID BUG!!!! I should only have the fevers for another week or more. This is a bit of a bummer.

Today I got my plan of going home. Holy baggy-ness! They just sent me the stupid thing so they can prepare my way home. That stinks ... Oh well. I will see you in less than 4 months ... Just to be baggy :) haha

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, February 24, 2014

I've Made the Wall of Death

This week has been perdy sick! In fact, it has been rad. The Verde had 75 people in church. Plus we have a really positive guy who is progressing towards baptism so we are pretty pumped for that. I know I shouldn't think in numbers but at the same time it is a bit of a numbers game here. The more that are baptized, the more that are saved. Simple as that, right?

Today, for Pday we watched a movie. It was a newish Disney movie called Frozen. Holy freak that movie was awesome. Like really good. I quite enjoyed it. The music was really good. There is this part when the princess lets her hair out. That was cool. All the elders freaked. If we do well, we get to watch Turbo next week which also looks good. 

I am very happy. I am now on the "Wall of Death" in the office meaning that I am now on the countdown list of those that are ending their missions. It hasn't made my baggy at all. The weird thing that is making me baggy is I really miss shoveling that driveway. 

To be a PMG missionary, you have to get a good score on the test. I didn't really study for it. I just kept doing what I was doing - trying to help people get their salvation and that's how I got on there. Also, the story of the "high five" is ... It is against the rules to high five but I have never been the most formal dude ever so that has been hard for me. I have been trying exceptionally hard, especially with the Hermanas. But Hermana Krueger is just so cool that I gave her a high five. Then Hermana Ruiz, Pres's wife, chewed me out. Haha it is alright. Totally worth it!

I am glad you enjoyed the plate. The whole mission has gone nuts cuz of the plate. So, I am a trendsetter. Haha 

Have fun with all your missionary mommas, mom! That is about all. No pics because my memory card got corrupted. Sorry.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

This picture was sent by Hermana Minnick to her family . I had to keep it to show Collin when he comes home. Here he is looking over the Las Palmas zone (aka The Relief Society) before changes last week.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Plate, Sleight, and a Baptism

From Robin: Collin sent home a gift with a mission buddy. We finally were able to get to Provo to pick it up. I am so glad that we were able to get together. We LOVE the plate, carved by a member in his Ward, and will cherish it forever. But, I LOVED meeting Elder Loyd Sleight. I couldn't hug him tight enough knowing that he is the closest thing to Collin that I have seen in 20 months. He is so cute! No wonder Collin liked him so much.

Collin's letter:

So, GOOD, GOOD, GOOD news this week. We had a baptism!!! In your face, Satan!!!! I FREAKING HATE SATAN! The baptism was a huge fiasco at first, but, we got her done. At 9:30, my companion and I started our way down to La Verde, on bikes, and right when we got there we found that the pila wasn't full at all which is terrible because it takes like six hours to fill. In fact, the water pump of the church was busted completely by some stupid kids. So, then we had to get pulled by a pickup, fill another, and finally complete the baptism. And then our Branch President brought us food! That is also, and always, super awesome. I hope my companion sends me pictures of the baptism because I never carry my camera around.

My card reader, that I just bought, doesn't work. que crap!!!

Today I am quite sunburned because we played ultimate frisbee for a ton of time. I love that game. It is so much fun. Sorry to hear about the car. I hope all works out well with the insurance because that would stink if it didn't. I also hope you love the plate and enjoyed your Sleight experience. He is a funny kid.

The first picture is the baptism; the second is the husband of that first family I baptized back in Malacatan; and the third is Batman helping me mark scriptures. Petty cool, right! 

Well, love ya all. Bye!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Came. I Saw. I Conquered!

Dang straight! This week we put a baptismal date in La Verde! TAKE THAT STUPID CURSE AND DANG EVANGELICALS!!! Yes! We are gonna have the first baptism in a year!!! Wahoo! I will not leave this area without baptizing. So ya, I'm so happy.

Today was also fun. We played soccer and ultimate frisbee. P-Day is really the only day that I can relieve stress and this Zone can give me a lot of it. So I'm happy and I'm not stressed today. I love playing sports. It helps a ton to stay unstressed.

So this, on our adventures, we have been running all over on a couple bikes that my comp  and I took from some members. Bikes are SICK!!!! Definitely better than just going on feet. I was thinking about the Temple. I really love Rexburg's temple but I LOVE the temple in Quetzaltenango. In fact, I love this country. I hope that someday the family can learn to love it as much as I do. It is incredible! The people are amazing and the music and well all of it. I just love it here so much. I really don't want my mission to end.

I also bought a sick pair of Jordans today for super cheap. That's cool. But in all reality I'm happy and bikes just rock. Hahaha

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's Looking Better

So this week has been better for the Zone. The Zone had three baptisms but I hope we don't fall into the trap of feeling like all the work is done and there is nothing more to do. That is definitely not the case. We need to continue to work hard! 

Today has been a fun day but very tiring and I'm exhausted. I don't have much to write because I wrote a big report to Presidente.

Things are going fine in La Verde. In fact, I'm happy. We are still holding at 70 as the attendance. The goal at the end of the year is 100 and I think we can get it! 

I hope all of you are well. I am well because today I found a pair of nice Jordan's for cheap - like 15 bucks. So I bought them. Hahaha. Woot! I love the Pacas!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Not Much Going On

Well, this has been the most sluggish month of my mission so far. Our zone is really struggling, too. We feel that we will need to put more pressure on the zone so that's what we are going to do. 

I got a package from my VERY BEST FRIEND KY TRUPP. It contained some very sick corte pants. Imagine like MC Hammer pants but made of Guatemalan corte. That was an awesome surprise.

I had interview with Presidente. That's always fun. Also we watched 17 Miracles. Holy cow that is an incredible movie! It definitely built my testimony. I can't imagine what those people did and just how much God calls on us to do. I don't feel I could have endured a journey like that. Wow the faith of those saints is inspiring. 

That's about it. Not much too much in the Verde went down, this Saturday we are leaving with all the priesthood to invite people to church. 

I am happy but a little tired today. I wish I could write more but my brain is just too tired out. Love you all tons!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Holy Spiritual Meeting!!!

Hey there! Alright, well this week has been a good one. In fact it has been so good that Saturday and Sunday I was completely exhausted. I was so tired that I fell asleep in lunch and dinner both days. My comp did too, so funny! 

Things have been rough for our Zone. We keep having emergency changes which are killing the Zone. Everytime there is a change, the Zone goes into a state of depression because it is a Zone of all women and they are much more sentimental than elders. It has given me a headache! Haha but in spite of that, we have great new from the Verde. We had 76 people with two investigators and they want to be baptized. We just want to get some things fixed up before that. I am really excited!

This week a member of the Seventy, Elder Soares, visited us and it was sick! (Sick as in good) I got to shake his hand. He spoke about how we can magnify our calling. Then I got to be the microphone holder which was super fun ... Not! I didn't get to take notes, a blessing of being a ZL. Jaja. Oh, well!

I am also happy but bummed. Due to said meeting, I missed my opportunity to go to the sealing of that family I baptized. But really, the truth is that I'm just happy that they made it there. That is the best part! 

I can't send pictures because my connecting cable doesn't work anymore. I need to buy a new one or an adaptor. Bad luck! 

Well, that is my week! 

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Comp, Same Area

Alright, so this week has been eventful. I'm still in the same area but Elder Quiroz went home which sucks but it was his time. He was so awesome and definitely my FAVORITE companion so far. But, I have also received a really good companion as well. His name is Elder Cano from Honduras, so I got another catracho! These guys are always insane. He likes to work which, for me, is the best! I love a companion who likes to work, it means we will get along just fine. Every one of us has little problems but if we work hard we overlook those.

On the baggy side this week, I saw Elder Quiroz yesterday. A family was talking to him through Skype and he was like "Dude! compa!" And I was like "Bro we aren't comps now!" ...and that was really baggy. Also, Elder Jones, a kid from my group, showed me a picture from San Isidro and that made me want to go back so I hope I die there as a zone leader. That would be so sick!!!!

On the missionary work side of this day it has been good, we found a kid yesterday who hasn't been baptized yet so we are going to do it. He needs to be baptized. I don't know why his family hasn't done it yet. That is gonna be good. Also his older brother hasn't been baptized either. So we'll figure out what to do there with him. I am excited! The Branch is getting better. We have a steady attendance of 70 which has never happened before plus we have a bus which is great! 

Also this week I got new shoes that are are  really nice but only 100 Q. Wahoo!!! Cheap!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!

Pues jiotes los quiero mucho adios!
Con amor,
Elder Grant

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Late New Year!

Hey! So guess what! It was my sister's birthday. I even celebrated it!!! So it has been a good week. We had another great attendance in our little Branch. We had 70, not like last week, but still pretty good. It is also a sad week. My best companion, Elder Quiroz, is ending his mission which stinks because it is soooo baggy! Without even trying I think about home. We have still worked hard so that is good. I am happy about that. My companion thinks you guys are cool. He was so happy with the Rook game, thanks for sending that to him. He was super pumped!!! With my comp's leaving, I feel like I am ready to spread my wings and fly out of the nest away from my Mother Quiroz. jaja

Also, with the changes, my Zone of Sisters is still a Zone of Sisters. That hasn't changed. They give me treats so I get fat but that's alright. I love treats!!! My zone is so cool. 

I am good and happy. I love my area and the people and I hope that the family comes to love Guatemala as much as I do. To think that in a short time I will have to leave this place makes me super sad. So, I don't think about it. We had two investigators in church this week and one of them seems to be progressing really well. I am really excited about that. Also this week we have been using bikes. We realized that we weren't working to our full potential so... We borrowed some bikes and life has been so much easier. It has also been super fun. 

I am sending some stuff home with Elder Sleight for you guys. When is your anniversary? I have sent something special for you and Dad and you can't open it until your anniversary unless it already passed and then you can open it when you get the stuff. (A quick reply to this question let Collin know our anniversary is in July. He thought it was February. He decided we can open in now then. He'll be home before July.)

That's about it for this week, just loving this mission, like always. 

Con amor,
Elder Grant