Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hola Mi Familia

Primero que honda? First what's up? This week has been better. The others have been a little rough but my comp is finally starting to talk with people so they don't think we are two really stupid white kids in Guate.

     We started teaching a guy named Escol. Now the story of Escol has been quite interesting. He was the town drunk. He used to yell some pretty bad things to us as we passed by and I never figured I would teach him. Never because well it would have been impossible. But one day as we were passing to go to his sister's house, who is a less active member, he started talking to us and we told him about general conference and he came. Then after he started coming to church with us it has been cool. He said that conference hit him. The guy is super pilas with the bible but he was always wasted and didn't have a job or anything. Now he has a job and hasn't drunk for 4 weeks, coming up on 5. I  think he'll get baptized this week. He is progressing amazingly!

Other than that there isn't too much going on and unfortunately no earthquakes. They are super fun jaja. We contacted an area that has never seen missionaries. So tomorrow my comp and I are go up there and teach. The people are super nice up in the mountains and just chill. Plus we get to cross a river to get there. We have to jump rocks and stuff which is way fun. Today we moved a fridge. I love doing service because it means free food. After that we cut down some coconuts for us to eat which pretty much ruled! They are way better than the cocos in the states. These are sweet and totally delicious plus you can drink so much from it. I was filled then after we had a usual breakfast (desayuno) it was eggs, beans and tortillas like every single one I eat.

I got the package. Thank you but here's the problem. It was infested with ants because the candy wasn't in a bag. (We had used a giant bag of tootie frooties as packing material. Sounded good at the time.) But the Laffy Taffy was good and the jerky. Plus I loved the cards. I can't wait to make brownies but I need an oven first which nobody here uses. Every thing is fried or boiled. Thanks for the pictures, too. I can't send any right now because a member is borrowing my camera. I'll have it back for next week. I have a sweet picture.
I figure I'll answer some of your questions. We have a ward of 400+ but only about 150 attend. This week  we had 164 show up and 5 were investigators which is awesome! My house is a concrete box in and out except the inside has tile in it. Many people just work here. There isn't a main job, maybe tuc tucs but those are just little mototaxis. There is a school here called the Benson. It is named after Pres. Benson and the owner has missionaries go over all the time and teach or bear testimony in class. There are pictures everywhere of Jesus. That place pretty much rules! We played soccer finally today and holy cow it was hot I'm still sweating! I wouldn't mind some of your snow. Well in the cyber, that I'm in right now, I'm listening toThriller which is fun!
Well I hope this letter finds everyone well. I love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

p.s. How is it getting all cold there and stuff? Because it's getting hotter here and with less rain to cool it down. ☻☺ Bye!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Howdy! Well another slow week. The whole mission is down. Umm well there are little earthquakes here and there but it isn't a big deal anymore after the first one. I'ts just a part of life here. I'm pretty much used to the rain now. I'm just always wet haha. I don't have too much to write except that I really wish I could speak Spanish right now. I can speak enough to impress any gringo in the states but it's still horrible.
 Oh weirdness here. People don't have a huge sense of privacy so people just nurse their kids right in front of you. It is definitely something that I'm still working on getting used too.

How were the pics of the temple? I hope you got them. Holy cow that thing is absolutely beautiful! Have fun with the nieve (snow). Speaking of marriage, a missionary in my area has a crush on Kenna. He says he's going to marry her. He's from Mexico. He is my zone leader and he's a stud. But he can't talk to her! ever! He doesn't speak English. jaja

I have a soccer game today with the members. Hey have you found the chapel in San Isidro yet? It's up towards the volcano on that road that has the giant church with the red and green roof. I live at the very end of the street there. I live basically in a garage and when the power was out we used candles that I bought. Dad, there are schools here and every kid gets an education. Yes mom, I have been eating. Basically all I eat is rice, beans, pollo and tortillas cada pinche dia. I can tell you I sure as heck miss hamburgers. I sent some pictures of a star fruit which by the way is not that tasty but the pink lady apples here are to die for. Those are my favorite food to buy!

Normally my mission flies by. Days are long (sometimes) but the weeks are short and the months are shorter. well I gotta get going my time is up here. but I promise next week I'll write something more but I will send some pictures of well, just stuff. haha  I love you all. I can't wait to hear from ya. Have a great week!!!!! Bye!!!!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant Elder - Pretty much the coolest missionary in the world because he is serving in the best 
mission in the world!
Random Pic from the MTC with Elder Bonkemeyer and Elder Oertel

Overlooking beautiful San Isidro

Star fruit and Sweat 
Elder Grant and Elder Henderson at the SLC airport

Monday, October 15, 2012


I  was in an earthquake!!!! One was really tiny that just barely happened and another at four in the morning on Sunday that was cool! That was definitely a new experience. Like, hugely new!!! I jumped out of bed and ran under a doorframe until it was over but I found out it is normal for here. Go figure. then a member called us because he wasn't asleep yet and he wanted to bug us. That guy lives to annoy but he's fun! His name is Vladamir. What a weird name for here, right.

I have pictures of the Xela temple which are absolutely beautiful! Oh my gosh the ordinance rooms are like Rexburg. It has a mural in it too. But it's of Guate. and I sat next to a panther! And what's even cooler is I understood quite a bit but the veil was really difficult. I just memorized it in English and now Spanish AHHGG. I loved the temple.

WE GOT POWER BACK!!!!! We didn't have power because a lot of the people weren't paying so it got shut off for everyone. But it's back now because people threatened to blow it all up. hahahaha The water is cold because it comes directly out of the ground and is just really cold but i like it when it's hot.

Everything is going well except our investigators. Pray for our investigators that they will start keeping commitments and that Luisa's parents will let her get baptized. That has definitely been a bummer. We met a family that wants us to teach them in English because they lived in the states for 17 years. They are really busy though so we never get to hit them up. The work is slow here. I think that we just need to be more personable with people. I get along with everyone quite easily but with little kids is how I get the best bonding with our investigators. It's all thanks to my cousins so thanks guys! You little guys rule. Because of you, you are making my mission better. Look how important and good you little helpers are even though I don't see you. You are definitely helping me every day.

The language is coming. I'm understanding more and more and being able to talk better, too. Thank goodness for blessing from the Lord. I am a little jealous at times that my buddies get to teach in English. It is so easy! I am loving my mission and this country and even though I miss you all, I have no desire to go home.

I love you all. Bye!!!

Con Amor,
Elder "Grande" Grant (Because no one can say my dang name. So they just call me "Elder Big".)

At the Guatemala Quetzeltenango Temple

Collin's zone at the temple

Monday, October 8, 2012

Lots of Pictures and a Scary Story

Well Guatemala is getting hotter or it will because in a month we go into summer and then no more rain Whoo!!!! First story! We went to go visit a contact we had and all of a sudden this 16 yr old or so girl came up and tried to hug me. I said no! Then she tried to kiss me and I yelled NO! I just reacted, I guess.

I loved conference. We watched in English if you are a gringo! It was great. The missionary news was freaking insane!!! Super fun to hear too! One kid was freaking out because it means younger returned misioneras. We jumped up and down and it was a party! The priesthood session we listened to in Spanish because our English feed went out due to a storm. got to sit next to a kid who is 17 and he asked me so many questions about how to prepare. I was glad to be a good influence on him. I did not understand too much of that session! That made my brain tired! I have found out my Spanish pronunciation is good so when I  first say things to people they think I speak it but then they talk super fast and I have no idea what they said. But poco a poco cada dia or little by little every day. Our ward is awesome and the Stake is great!

Story number two. I think I will tell you my terrifying story this week. So, yes, there are many less actives and many part member families here and we had just got done with a lesson from a part member family and were leaving their house where it is totally dark - because we have no electricity (for at a least a month if not longer!!!! It stinks!) Anyways, we were walking through this tiny pitch black street when we heard this blood curdling scream come from the right, in the bushes. My comp said run and so did the spirit! We took off and I had my umbrella open. I just threw it behind me hoping to hit whatever might behind me.  I ran super fast and made in about 20 seconds what takes us about 4 minutes to walk. Crazy what adrenaline does, right? Anyways, the next day we went back in the morning cuz I really wanted my freaking umbrella! it was a broken and stuff. Crazy! Then all the people were like "that was a ghost or a witch" because they all believe in that here! I should mention we were out past when we should have been out because we have no light and need to be in the house at 8 since it's dangerous without light.  I don´t know what it was but I make sure we are in the house at 8 now  - no exceptions!!!!!

Well o pues en español. umm my area is super duper slow as in none of our investigators want to be baptized and that totally stinks!!! Tomorrow I go to Xela or Quetzaltanango for the temple because we won the best zone this month. I think it's only because of our ZLs. They are amazing baptizing machines. One of the hardest things here is that people love talking about Jesus but never want to join the church. And, half of the people here aren't married or they are married to someone who lives with someone else in a different country so that makes things difficult. Oh well, I guess historia de un vida de un misionero.

I received good news from Ky today in email. He received the Holy Man Bag or a bag that has a book of testimonies in it and chapters about the CCM and an American flag that has been there for almost 2 and a half years! It's a secret pass-down and I received it too. So he got my testimony. I miss him and all of you! I miss English aveces or sometimes haha but that will change.

I miss you guys and pray for you every day. I hope everything is going well. Keep me updated. Sorry I am not writing much this week but its just been a slow. Hopefully it will pick up and the light will come back so we can stay out for another hour!

Con amor,

Elders at the CCM in their Guatemalan Hoodies
Matching ties!!!

Guatemala City Temple

Look! It's the missionary badge and the temple.

Standing in front of the Mapa en Relieve in Guatemala City
Collin with one of his teachers at the CCM
Elder Grant and Elder Hansen in Guatemala City

Reu Missionaries on their way to the Mission Field

The street of San Isidro

What more could you ask for than a Dona Wafle?
Why would a guy that hates spiders play with a scorpion?
We assume this is Collin and his companion with another missionary - his "grandpa."

Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Not in Idaho Anymore

Well howdy folks!  I hope everything is going well with you all!!!! and I just realized I somehow lost a lot of the addresses to the family. Dang! If I could get those that would be nice. Not a whole lot has happened this week. My Spanish is better - poco a poca cada dia. It is crazy to think I have almost been out for 3 months!!! Crazy right!!!!

To answer your question, Mom, I use an umbrella. I haven't broken out the jacket yet. It doesn't matter anyway. I'll get soaked no matter what, even my backpack. I've just come to take that as part of life. jajajaja It is always raining.

So here is a list of things I didn't expect to miss:
1. doorknobs
2. pine trees
3. traffic rules
4. being cold
5. lots of Mormons
6. Fords
I keep having dreams of playing football. I guess I'm missing it a lot here in the land of fútbol. I have officially decided that I am in a very foreign place. Como the electricidad problem. I haven't had electricidad for about a week now and it stinks. We can't buy anything really. The milk will taste good as long as it isn't open but then it goes bad in a day because we have no power for our refrigerator.  Everything goes bad so it looks like I'll be eating granola bars for a little bit. Today I'm going to try an awesome ice cream cone. It is two scoops on a waffle cone with a donut on top!!!! 

I'm excited for Denton. In all honesty that was the mission I hoped for but here is great, too. I'm learning so many things here like how to live without electricidad; or how to deal with new bug bites on my body every morning; or how to shower in water that is super cold; also how to deal with discouragement because our investigators aren't progressing and yes I'm discouraged with that. We had an investigator who was going to come to church with us but right as we got to his house he came out crying because his brother had just died. It was really sad so I think tomorrow we will go to his house to teach him about the Plan of Salvation. The sad thing about here is everyone wants to hear about Christ right? Which is great. But not one of them wants to leave their crazy Evangelico churches which are weird especially when they speak in tongues. That part is just weird. They just mumble which freaks me out every time.

I feel bad for South this year. They are just really inexperienced - just like my comp and me. My comp has been on his mission  a month more than me so it isn't his fault that training is difficult. We are just really inexperienced and it kind of stinks but oh well. I really hope I get the language down more because I am not good right now. The mission just gets faster and faster. I see how it can feel like no time at all. 

TJ emailed me about how grateful he is that I'm his friend it was good to hear from him. I'm proud of what he is doing. He has had it rough the past few years and he is a great kid. I'm proud of him for the decision he made to go on a mission. 

Well I think my hour of email is up. I hope everything is good with everyone and I can't wait to get your Dear Elders!!!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Grant