Thursday, July 19, 2012

P-Day Number 1

Collin wrote letters to everyone today. Here are ours. We were so grateful to hear from him.

Dear Mom, Hey, doing my laundry right now so it's a perfect time to write you. I miss you guys so much. It's good to finally be able to write. I didn't get a p-day last week so this is my first and then next week will be my last p-day for 2 years as I'm in the U.S. I'm just chilling right. I do miss the family a lot. You guys are the best blessing in my life and I can't wait to meet up with you guys after these 2 awesome years!!! But I love it here. It is so fun to be with all these missionaries. It is great to be surrounded by people who love and want to work their best for the Lord. You are so great mom and sorry I haven't written much. We are only allowed to write on our p-days. But if you're sneaky and manage your time well you can get a few off. In fact I got 4 off today but I forgot to date them. OOOOPS!!!!

This district is awesome but learning spanish is very frustrating. They already have us teaching an investigator. He's a memeber but that's okay cuz he's going to be our teacher so he can give us pointers. I did get him, as our investigator, to be baptized which was super difficult cuz my companion doesn't speak any spanish. Oh, the Lord is teaching me patience well. I've got to fit a few e-mails for dad and the girls in. Love you!!!

Dear Dad,

I love you Dad. How is everything going? Could you send some hangers? There aren't any hangers here. I had to buy some but they are super junkie! Well the food's ok. I love my district there isn't a better group of guys to be surrounded by. My zone is super awesome!!!! Everything here is awesome!! I don't understand why people say they hate the MTC. It's so good here. I love feeling the spirit. Well I still gotta email the girls. Love you!!!! Bye!!!!

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  1. I love how missionaries love their families!