Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another Update and a Better Mood

I would like to say that I do believe I am in a better mood. I have just had to come to the fact that I may not have baptisms h and that is ok. I can keep my head up because I have put everything into this place!

My little sister, Kenna, owned in Jr. Miss because she won the best prize, 1st Runner-Up, and lots of moola without further commitment. Heck to the ya!!! I am so soo sooo proud of her. All the missionaries in my zone have crushes in her. It is funny. They are always asking for pictures of her. I am also proud of those other two sisters. Be good sisters!

I am still training but my child, in the mission, is still having a hard time. He wants a rest because he has worked a month and deserves a couple days off. I won't let him and so he is mad at me. It is kind of funny. He is a little guy and will hit me then run away. Hahaha

This week the Temple President of Xela came and said "Hi" to us in church. He gave a really cool message that the members, hopefully, listened to because it was on missionary work. They are kind of deaf to missionary work. I've mentioned that before. But we keep on working. I sometimes wonder why it has to be so hard here.

It is crazy how fast the time goes here on the mission. I have been out for almost 10 months. It is insane!!! My Spanish is basically fluent which is so cool!!!

I love you all tons. Sorry there isn't much to write but I'm working on getting exciting experiences. I am going to get a Skype account today and you all should do one too so we can talk and you can see my fat face!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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