Friday, April 12, 2013

I Am Hoping for a Hot Wife

Well, Conference was pretty much like the bomb! I loved it all and it was cool to hear Falabella speak. He's the old Area President here. Even cooler ... Presidente Maravilla is going to be a Seventy. Holy awesome!!! I am pumped to listen to him read a talk in English and mess up on a few words but still teach a ton. He is so cool.

Things didn't go too hot this week but we are continuing to push on. I mean there is nothing else to do but work super hard. There is no point in just giving up. That makes no sense to me. It seems we aren't doing a whole lot to help people but we are sure inviting but I feel it is not enough. On the bright side I have been treating my companion as my best friend and things are going better even though my lack of patience can get in the way. He really is a good kid. He just struggles so much with just about everything.

We did find one problem with the people. Many families hate us because past missionaries wouldn't give them money. Of course, we don't do that. They have gotten it in their minds that we are all bad in this zone. We have to overcome this issue. The mission isn't easy. I sure hope I get a hot wife out of this! Haha *wink* *wink* And I am pretty sure i will be in the mountains until I die. Just trying to be positive and less frustrated.

I heard from a couple mission buddies today. It amazing to think how much time thy have left. It is also awesome to see just how great they are. They are all a great group of kids.

I almost cried when I found out that the darn cat had died. In fact, I am sad. I will probably write that in my journal, first entry in weeks. Love you all tons. PEACE!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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