Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Well This Week

I baptized! Sure it wasn't in my area but I have taught the family a few times, with my Zone Leaders. The little 12 year old girl asked for me to baptize her. I love this family! I still have that wonderful Grant baby face and you can see that I am happy. You can see, in the picture, that cute little girl, who's almost white, and in yellow, she calls me "Baby Face" in Elnglish because she picks up on English super quickly. She even sings in Eglish even though she doesn't have an idea what she is saying. She sings Adele! I can't say I am totally obedient because the rule book says no kisses but this little girl kisses us all the time, on the cheek, when we leave. She melts our hearts. It is so cute!!!

Other stories. I went on divisions to a place called San Antonio or aka Saint Anthony!!!! What ya!!! So the place is a huge area. We walked two hours up a mountain and then down and then we fell down a little and screamed. It was hilarious. The cita we went to wasn't there at all so we walked that way just to see some incredible views and to fall down a really steep path. The story on this is funny. This is what happened. We got to this big path through the jungle. It was super steep and only polvo. Then my companion pushed me and said "Run" because there were a bunch of dogs coming after us. So, I started running down a cliff. Suddenly I heard a thud behind me and saw my companion sliding down the path. Then he hit me and we tumbled to the bottom. We landed in a dust covered heap and we just cracked up! It was a great adventure. Then we walked the two hours up the cliff to get back. We died at a members house for dinner. Woot! That is my good story.

Well for pday we have done nothing but we are going to watch Madagascar 3. Yay! Movie day, woot!!! I love you all a ton.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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