Monday, March 25, 2013

I Have a New Kid

Well all is well this week and I haven't been in any crazy buses for a week. It was a great adventure, however. My old companion went to his mission in Gutierrez Tuxtla Mexico and I have a new kid, as in I am training again. Training is an adventure. It sometimes makes me laugh a lot. His Name is Elder Herrera and he is from Honduras. He uses a lot of hand signs and is too scared to talk in lessons. He is a sweet kid and he came out for the right reasons so the Lord will bless him.

I am building relationships with the members. I have told them that I am willing to help them with whatever they may need. I am glad to help. This seems to make things better. We found a very positive lady last night. Woot!!! We are going to work with the Bishop in a lesson. Lessons with members are the bomb! Especially the Bishop because he is super pilas!

I went on splits with the AP Elder Flores. He's pretty cool and I know his biggest secret. He speaks English and nobody knows that except me! It was great.

So I was just now thinking of Kreggic. He has made a decision that I am not sure I would have been able to make. I can't say that I am a very humble person and to make a decision like that requires a lot of humbling. I'm proud of him and in the end, even though the first will be a rough patch, that kid is going to become someone incredible. That is the beautiful thing about repentance. It always makes you better. And sure if you fall hard you have to work your tail off to get back up but then you are a whole heck of a lot stronger. That's what I love so much of this wonderful Gospel. You can always repent. I think of Peter. He denied Christ three times. But through repentance he became a man whose faith was so incredibly strong that when he passed, people flocked to him just in the hope that his shadow would touch him. How incredible is that. Just a rare little spiritual content from your missionary son there.

Today we played futbol and I totally owned straight up! I like that game a lot now. I used to hate it but man it is super fun. I even scored on my companion. Hahahaha

Well, I love you. Have a wonderful week. Oh yeah, I'm happy and healthy.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

The pictures are of Elder Herrera and Me, some incredible street art made with sand, and the stars I totally made. That all got destroyed like 20 minutes after because the parade walked right through it. Weird, right? I don't understand all this crazy Guatemala-ness!

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