Monday, October 14, 2013

This Week Has Been Pretty Bomb

So this week has been pretty bomb. We got a bunch of new investigators, first of all and that was great. Second of all, the members are so much more excited to work with us, after Conference. I mean we kinda received a machete from God on both sides of the work - the members and the missionaries. We just need to step it up. And here in Bario Oriente (the Ward) that's what we have done! This week we had six lessons accompanied by members!!! Wahoo! I'm so excited. It's time to change this Ward from a great one to an excellent one. 

Third of all, WE HAVE A BAPTISM OF A FAMILY THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it looks like I won't have changes and so I'm really excited for that because this family is pretty cool. Our Zone just had 18 baptisms!

Today was a pretty fun P-Day. We got permission to do some pretty cool stuff including leaving the zone. We went to some place called Xulik!!! It is a toy museum and also we got to go paintballing. It has been pretty freaking epic! It was so fun and a great stress reliever. Basically I am just happy and I'm hungry. I haven't eaten yet but I'm happy! 

We are working hard. I kind of want to train again especially because a Tongan is coming in and I would love to train him. Oh ya, back to paint balling. It was 25 Quetz and it literally lasted five minutes and then we were done. But then we went to the museum and it was so cool. There were a bunch of Star Wars things and comic book things. Also I got to hug Jessica Alba from Fantastic 4. I sent a picture so you all can see it. Then we took pictures with a Superman cape and it was dope. I was totally nerding it out.

All suited up for paintballing


Awe yes! Jessica Alba

Who knew The Hulk lives in Guatemala

No fighting!!!

And the evil Star Wars cast lives in Guatemala, too.

It is crazy that time goes bye so quickly. It seems like yesterday I was some really mad kid in the MTC that was trying to learn Spanish and now English is hard. Hahaha Christmas package? Maybe a new pair of pants and some socks. But Idaho spuds would definitely be appreciated and an MP3 player with headphones. I can't sleep well right now. It's been hard. Also candy and I'm good on everything else. Well, maybe some pics of friends and family would be really nice. Yes, that would be cool. Tell Kenna she can't go to the U of U. She has to go to Hawaii with me. That would be sick!!!
How are all of you? Good? I sure hope so. It's time to go but I love you all.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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