Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Comp, Same Area

Alright, so this week has been eventful. I'm still in the same area but Elder Quiroz went home which sucks but it was his time. He was so awesome and definitely my FAVORITE companion so far. But, I have also received a really good companion as well. His name is Elder Cano from Honduras, so I got another catracho! These guys are always insane. He likes to work which, for me, is the best! I love a companion who likes to work, it means we will get along just fine. Every one of us has little problems but if we work hard we overlook those.

On the baggy side this week, I saw Elder Quiroz yesterday. A family was talking to him through Skype and he was like "Dude! compa!" And I was like "Bro we aren't comps now!" ...and that was really baggy. Also, Elder Jones, a kid from my group, showed me a picture from San Isidro and that made me want to go back so I hope I die there as a zone leader. That would be so sick!!!!

On the missionary work side of this day it has been good, we found a kid yesterday who hasn't been baptized yet so we are going to do it. He needs to be baptized. I don't know why his family hasn't done it yet. That is gonna be good. Also his older brother hasn't been baptized either. So we'll figure out what to do there with him. I am excited! The Branch is getting better. We have a steady attendance of 70 which has never happened before plus we have a bus which is great! 

Also this week I got new shoes that are are  really nice but only 100 Q. Wahoo!!! Cheap!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!

Pues jiotes los quiero mucho adios!
Con amor,
Elder Grant

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