Monday, November 12, 2012

The Sicktacular Earthquake

Well, I promise I'm going to write more this week because I have over 20 minutes. Whoa!!! Alright, first of all I am safe and sound! So no worries. I'll start about the earthquake. It was pretty much the most sicktacular thing ever. It was like a carnival ride. No one died here and there was no damage. San Marcos was hit hard because all of their buildings are made of adobe. It got destroyed and on a map it is really close but it takes like over two hours to get there. The roads here stink. When the earthquake happened I knew for a fact that the next morning the news was going to say "Terremoto en Guatemala" (earthquake in Guatemala). We had a little damage here. One of the tiles from the false ceiling, at the church, fell and broke. We want to do service but there is none to do here and the people are too stubborn to let us do anything. Darn them!

I'm going to bet that I have eaten more tortillas than all of you combined. I get them with every meal. I enjoy the food here. I may get fat because I get fed all the time. Everyone loves the missionaries, especially since I got here, just kidding. We get fed at like every visit and get offered rides all the time to places which rules! Of course, soccer might help me stay skinny because that's all they play here.

It look like we might be having two more baptisms this week one kid wants to serve a mission which is pretty much the sickest thing ever!!!!! he is a stud! I'm starting to study mam and quiche in my language study because I really want to learn them.

Well, Guatemala is the BOMB!!! I love it here even though it is getting hotter but for ya'll it's getting colder and colder. I miss you guys a ton especially since one elder is in his last change. He talks about Christmas with his family a lot so that can make you homesick. I get over it. Heck, I'm in Guatemala which pretty much is the coolest place ever. We have volcanoes and earthquakes. What more could you ask for? Oh, and we have the gospel which rules once again!

I hope you all enjoy the pictures. Sorry I'm a little scatter-brained. Love you all. Don't be afraid to send Dear Elders!
We baked the brownies from the package. YUMMY

Workout Buddies.

Our newest investigator. He tried to run away but I caught him.
RAIN!!! Looks refreshing.

Just your average everyday ant.

Hanging out with the kids. The second boy on the left is getting baptized.

Want a ride? Catch a Tuc Tuc.

The soccer complex that we play in.
Love Elder Grant - the coolest dude to ever set his feet in Guate except Jesus because I'm pretty sure the Book of Mormon happened here!

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