Monday, November 5, 2012

We Had a Baptism!!!

We had a baptism!!!!!!!! and I baptized him!!!! and I'm definitely fat because those pants are a tad bit tight hahah. It was super fun. The guy is super hard working and this Thursday he is going to the temple for baptisms. He is pretty excited! I hope he keeps on working hard in the gospel. I can't wait to work in the temple when I get home. I love the temple. I am kinda mad at myself for not taking advantage of the temple when I was home. The temple is an amazing place and the one in Xela (Quetzaltenango) is amazing. I think Rexburg is amazing but for real Xela wins. I hope that maybe, when it comes time for me to go home, you can pick me up so you can go to it because they have it in English too and like five other Indian languages. But really it's beautiful!

So I love getting your emails. Of course it is the start of the week which makes it hard sometimes to focus on Sunday because I know I get to write you guys the next day. That is pretty much the most rad thing ever!!!!!! Hopefully this week I receive some more dear elders because those are pretty much the bomb too! Basically everything is the bomb when it is from home. Well I got a little baggy this week when I found out a family from here is going to go to school in West Jordan for 4 months. Then they asked me if my home was close. I said it was close like 5 hours from there and they said they want to visit little old po-dunk St. Anthony! I received a letter from a girl who I don't know but its fun to write her. She is the sister of an Hermana in the CCM. They are from Rexburg. Her name is Ashlynn Ahrendsen. That was just a fun little thing to receive from her.

I  have decided to write a list of things that remind me that I'm in Guate, like Ky.
1. poop all over the place
2. really really really big spiders! (I sent a pic)
3. spanish spanish spanish!
4. I never stop sweating.
5. Dogs here are dangerous.
6. Every window has bars on them.
7. There are no real windows.
8. Rice and beans. Rice and beans. Rice and beans. EVERY DAY!
9. my best friend here is a Mexican who only speaks Spanish.
10. I'm a minority.
11. I can't remember how pine trees smell!!!! :)
12. I NEVER get cold.
13. I haven't used a blanket.

Yesterday I had the most spiritual lesson ever. It was with the cousin of a family in our ward. She isn't a member but we asked her to pray in the end, after we taught the restoration. She started crying because she started asking Heavenly Father if her parents would let her get baptized because they won't even let missionaries over to her house. She lives in a different zone but I pray that she can get baptized. She says she feels the difference between her house and the house of her cousins because they have the gospel. That was super awesome!!!!

I've included pictures of the street I live on and a giant spider.

My street in San Isidro
Glowstick art from the package from home.

At Escol's baptism. What a happy day!
The view on my street. BEAUTIFUL!!! That's a volcano out there.

A giant spider. You can see its orangish bluish legs.

Con Amor,
Elder Grant

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