Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Well, this week has been slow again but it looks like it should be speeding up because we are starting to work with the members. First off I had Thanksgiving!!! Aw Yeah! It wasn't near as good as any Thanksgiving I have had before but it was still turkey that wasn't smothered in mole'. I love mole' but it was a nice taste from home. The apple pie was really good too. The dinner cost me 30 quetz which was totally worth it. But sadly, Thanksgiving caused some anger among an elder who is a little anti-American. Everyone else loved it and I did too. I'm not homesick though. I have trouble understanding getting homesick. As long as I am working I'm happy. I wish I could do more service but people here are very hard workers and won't let you help them.

I totally need to buy myself a hammock because they pretty much rock. I don't really want a bed anymore. Our landlord has a hammock and it's so comfy. I will definitely bring that stuff back for sure. It is still really hot here but that's alright. I just sweat all the time. It isn't so much humid now...just hot!

Right now our mission has about 180 missionaries especially since this mission is super tiny. I have heard that it's one of the smallest missions, area wise, in the world. But, it has a lot of people. In the next 5 months or so we are supposed to have around 250+ missionaries. That's crazy! I'm excited to see all the missionary work growing in the Church. I heard they are shooting for 300 missions, in total, in the world. I don't think Guatemala can have any more missions. It is just too tiny.

I'm totally digging Spanish. It is way fun to talk. The only problem is I don't know it yet. Hopefully I'll get it soon. My goal is to be really good by Christmas. I don't know how well that will workout. One of the hardest things is learning the subjunctive because we don't have that in English. It's really weird, but every day I improve a little bit. My guess is by the time I hit one year I should be pretty good. There are some kids who come out and never learn it but I pray that won't be me.

Only a week left until changes and I'm no longer a greenie. In fact, I'll be just a regular missionary. What's nuts is to think about how fast time flies. According to everyone else it just gets fast and faster. Manana we have interviews with Pres. Entrevistas!!!! I'm pretty pumped because Presidente rocks and rolls and jiggles when he laughs because he's a tubby man but a spiritual giant! I found out last week that I might be on my mission either two weeks more or two weeks less because we are lining up changes with all of Central America. I'll see how that goes.

I hope all is going well with you. Thank you so much for the prayers that I receive from ya'll. I miss you and can't wait to see you when I get back but I won't be leaving early.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Doesn't this hammock look comfy? Are you jealous?
Apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner. Almost as good as home.

Thanksgiving Dinner complete with all the fixings. Worth the 30 quetz.

Another Tuc Tuc.
Cooking delicious food.

Me in front of an awesome waterfall.

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