Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just Another Week

What's up my most favorite people ever! Well not a whole lot has gone on here except that it doesn't rain much anymore. Instead I just sweat constantly. That is super cool! not really but it's a fun experience because it's different.

Spanish is coming along just fine. I talk more and more in it every day. Which is good because I have a feeling my next companion will be Latino and then I'm going to be wishing I spoke better!

I'm just plugging along here. We haven't found newbies now for 2 weeks which is starting to drag me down. I've got to get this family we are teaching baptized or something. It is killing me with how slow our area is. Part of the problem is that people only sleep in my area. They work all day in Malacatan so I can't get with them because when they come home at 8, they sleep. PEOPLE SLEEP HERE SO MUCH! They are a super pilas family and I'm pumped about that. They haven't come to church yet. They have stopped drinking coffee which is a miracle because that's all people drink here. Instead the family has started to drink "morcaf" which is  like coffee but for mormons and has no caffeine. I wish our area was going faster but no one is accepting the message and its super sad because then I look like a chambon and I don't like that at all!

I'm almost out of training then I'm no longer a greenie which is awesome! Change meetings are super fun. Everyone screams and yells  - pretty much rocks! The pictures, I think, are of a torta and me climbing a water tower which was super fun. I also sent a picture of a little kid that is pretty much the coolest little chapin (guatemalan) ever! He can't wait to be a missionary. As he took my backpack he screamed, "soy elder!" which is "I'm an elder!" That was fun.  He's so cool! Well I was gonna count how many tortillas I eat every day but I lost count on Wednesday at 26 which is only 2 days of eating!!!!! WHAT?

It's about time for me to end. Sorry there isn't a whole lot going on this week but hopefully next week will be better! I've got one thing to say about Guatemala. It's super pretty. The only ugly thing are the building. You can look in the pictures haha!

Con amor
Elder Grant!

P.S. Holy freaking awesome!!!! I'm so pumped for Carly!!!!!!

A Delicious Torta. Yummy!

Climbing the Watertower

The coolest little Guatemalan ever.

It is so beautiful here.

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