Monday, February 18, 2013

Update from the Mountains

I apologize for not writing very much lately. So, I will at least try to do a better job. So this week has been pretty rough on me because I haven't had many baptisms. Then we had interviews with President Maravilla, which are basically the best things you can ever have, and we talk for a bit and then he said, "Dude Grant, I know something is up!" I told him how I was feeling down and I didn't feel like I was living up to what I should be doing. And then he said something that blew my mind. He asked, "How many people did Abinadi baptize?" And I was like, "As far as I know zero." And he said, "Right! But he converted someone who became one of the greatest missionaries ever, at least his son did." He said not to worry about the numbers. And, I have made so many changes. I was never a spiritual person before nor was I very sensitive to the Spirit. But that has all changed. I cherish my study time. In fact for me it is a treasure. I learn so much. It also helps my Spanish because I only read in Spanish. I tried in English and it is so much harder for me to focus and marking scriptures is so much fun. I am doing a really fun study right now. I am marking every time the one of the names for Christ is used. It is very powerful to see how much the Book of Mormon testifies of our Savior. It testifies a ton you know.

I live in a house that is really nice. It has three floors but we only use the bottom floor and the terrace. The terrace is where I wash my garments BY HAND!! Dang straight. I wash them by myself by hand. I do have a cook. In fact we have two cooks. That is awesome. I am having a hard time focusing on P-Days because we have to do so much. We usually have family home evenings with a family somewhere but tonight we have three. They are all from 6:00 to 9:00 and then we have dinner after. We are going to be running like crazy.

One cool thing that happened is that we went to the Paca which is just a bunch of used clothes. I found a Boy Scout shirt in my size so I bought it for, yes, 8 quetz (like $1). I used it this morning when we played "el ball" which is a really dumb game but we love it because we are sports starved. I will teach you to play it when I get back. It is so dumb but so funny.

This week there was some guy that invited us into his house. We found out that he is a member but like way off the path. He apparently talks to spirits. He knows that the Church is true but he is crazy. He is really nice but I am pretty sure that he is possessed or something. He told us some crazy story about death and angels and other things. He cracks me up but he gives great references. I am all good with him.

Thank you for the package. I am super pumped! The candy is the bomb. I have it hid in my house
because American candy here is better than gold. I scored a free dinner because I gave out some Redvines to some people. I love the pillowcases. Dad's comments cracked me up! The hoodie and sweats are great, too. I just have to find room for them. I might have changes again. We have changes on Wednesday and the next week and then three weeks from then. Finally after that changes will be back to normal.

Could you please send me Kyle and Sam's address? I would love to write them. I can't wait to see pictures of their baby. I sent them an email of names that I figure will work like Coddlewocks and
such. All the names are unisex.

I had better go. The Church is true. I had cake today so basically it has been a great day. Well peace! Oh ya. On the weird side we found a family that is positive. WOOT!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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