Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm a Dad!

I have got some news...I am a DAD!!! Yep, that's right. I am now training. Holy crazy, right? My kid is a Latino so it will really help me with my Spanish even though it is doing pretty good. Training is definitely something new. We have been together for four days. He is super formal, and you know I am not. His name is Elder Sanchez from the Capitol here in Guate. He has a few things to learn and I hope I do a good job of helping to teach him. We have had some interesting talks. He comes from a very different background than the people we are teaching. And we are teaching, just not much. We are teaching a way super awesome family that straight up rule. They have no money and are very humble.

In our change meeting, I got to see many of my newbie friends. We are all training now. It was good to know that we are all striving to be obedient and work hard. We have been working super duper hard, in this area, to get some success but the members are still quite reluctant to help. It is definitely more difficult than San Isidro. I love working but sometimes you work until you drop only to have nothing to show for it.

We are changing houses, today, to a super nice house that is cheaper. We are going to live with the Zone Leaders which will be a party because they are sure cool. It also has a a nice court to run in so my companion can sleep while I exercise. I have gained a ton of weight here in the mountains. We don't sweat and they feed me a ton. I am sending pictures. I am waiting on an sd card reader. Oh ya, I went to the temple again. BOOM!!! Super Awesome. The pictures are of Xela and the Xela temple and of me, after doing service for like 19 hours, carrying bags of ... Dirt! I figured Uncle Wayne might like to see the pics of Xela. The Xela temple is so pretty and the city is massive.

Well, I need to be obedient and write Pres. I love the mission! WOOT!! And I love you all.
Con amor,
Elder Grant

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