Monday, February 11, 2013

This week was better. We actually worked with members and now have some newbies which is a miracle. It used to be that newbies were never found but that is changing now. It's going to be a long process. We should have some success in a while. We found out that one lady we are working with may not be married. We just have to do some record checking. Wahoo!!! for another family. That means more sealings and happiness! Really, the temple is one of those things that is a huge blessing here on Earth. We are all sealed to an eternal family and all have the ability to do so when they get married.

In my area there is just us and nobody else. But in my zone there are 12. Yes, I am in Sacatepequez or however you spell it. To answer your questions, Mom, to stand in holy places you just need need MTFUBAFC (pronounced matfoobafc) which means "Man the Freak Up. Be a Fearless Champion". I understand it is really hard to stand up for things you believe in while you are surrounded by those that don't understand. And really, that silly saying has a lot of significance in it. Think about it. If you are confronted or challenged about your beliefs, just man up and tell them without any excuses and BAM! they will respect you. It is hard but the right thing to do. Mom, please use MTFUBAFC in your talk. It would make my month! An example of this is one time we were teaching a lady who was pretty hostile towards us and normally I can take that and I'm a chicken. But this time I was like, "No, I know that all these things are true. And yes! I have always been chaste and never touched drugs or alcohol." She didn't have a response. Now my old companion, in my old area, is teaching her. Hahahaha so basically you just gotta stand up!

Grandpa E is going to be a great leader. He works super hard and I know he will work super hard there too. And, you're welcome Grandpa Messick. I am glad that I have the opportunity to write to you guys. Thanks for all the support that you give me as I serve. Thanks for being a great pair of grandparents!!!

Love you all. Don't forget to write.

Cn amor,
Elder Grant

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