Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Baptism Coming Up

Hey!!!! I have got some good news! We are gonna have a baptism this Saturday just as I complete 10 months. This girl is super pumped and so am I and she's got so much faith. Her parents are totally against it but she just basically told them that their "traditions will not keep me from gaining salvation!" I wish we all could be like that. It is really inspiring. I had been really down on myself for a while up here, with the lack of success. But, God is really helping me out on this one. She is a reference from her boyfriend who is a buddy of mine from over here. He is an ex-missionary and now he is just being a boss. Hopefully this will wake up the members here. They just see us as home-teachers with name tags. I'd love to bring all the menos activos to church but really the majority of them don't want a thing and so I get frustrated with that. I also get a little bit frustrated with the racism but its all good!

Well, changes went well. We got a new zone leader. I loved my old zl but he wasn't always obedient. The new zl is Elder Clyde. He's from Hebert and he is a stud! But, he is dying this change, which means he's going home. He is sup cool and looks like he is going to leave me with a super nice bag to use for packing instead of my medium suitcase. Woot!!! I love free stuff.

Today, for p-day, we had an awesome party! First we played American football and then we had STEAK!!! YES! Football was super fun. We were just running everybody over and it was a party. My kid didn't like it so much, however. But it was still fun and things are just getting better and better.

I am doing pretty well here in the wonderful land of Guate. I am a bunch happier which is nice. It makes it a whole lot easier to work when you're happy. And now that I a happy I am pumped. Well, I wish I had pictures for you all but my camera is all broken and stuff. But, my birthday is coming up and so if ya want to send candy and stuff that would be cool! Well, love ya!

Con amor,
Elder Çollin Grañt

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