Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy in the Mountains

Hey everyone. How are y'all? I hope all is good. I am feeling much happier now that we have had a baptism. I am a lot more pumped because it has been a while.  This week has been pretty fun. I got to go to a beautiful place called Grandeza. It was a best. I took some awesome pictures! I also took some pictures of my area in a panoramic view. It shows the beautiful mountains that surround me. 

The other picture is with one of the kids of the sister who gives us dinner. This kid is hilarious. He punches me all the time.  

The internet is being really slow right now so I hope everything comes through. I was on splits and I found out that I work a lot better in those places - out of cities. I think it is just because it is more open. I am sending some pictures. We had fun making funny faces for pictures. (These pictures didn't come.) 

Well spiritual ness of this week has been incredible. I have been getting a lot better at following the Spirit and even though I didn't find a whole lot of newbies this week, we did find some people who are really positive. The is a guy who is just full of questions and he eats up all of our answers like a beast! It is really exciting. 

I have me tend how we have had trouble with the Stake President. Well this week we had Stqke Conference. It was so sad. It just demonstrated the the big changes that need to happen here. Conference started out with the First Counselor talking about how the stake hasn't made any improvements. Then he blamed it on the missionaries. Then the Stake President had a very unusual talk. Hmmmm the Area Seventy then cleared some things up from the pulpit, about the President's took. It was great! Afterward the Seventy talked to us and told us how awesome we have and in 20 words we we left feeling completely better. It was super bomb!!!

Anyways, I know the church is true and Christ is our Savior.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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