Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Well it Looks Official ... I Am Old

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I felt like a normal person clicking on things that were not mission related. The birthday cards were fun! I can't believe I am 20. That is weird.

This week has been pretty good. We had an awesome talent show. I am sending pictures of our zone. It was such a cool activity. The ward freaked out and everyone was screaming and it was just super cool. We got our recent convert to dance in it, too, with her boyfriend. They we so embarrassed though. We danced a Hawaiian hula even though none of us are Hawaiian in the slightest. Our dance turned out well. I wish I could send the video but it is too big of a video. Darn! A few cute little girls sang. One of the little girls is the one we baptized. She sang a song by Christina Aguilera. It was pretty sick!

I can't even explain how awesome our talent was. We ran in doing a little chant and everyone was very confused. Then we started the dance and everyone went nuts. Now they just wnt us to teach them the dance. We were hoping it would raise the attendance and it did a bit, which is great, but now instead of helping us they just want to learn a dance. There is a great story about putting the counselor in the Bishopric in a garbage can and the ward was a riot. I have never seen so much animation from the ward. It was great!

Other than the activity, not a lot has happened this week. We have tried to get permission from a kid's father to baptize him but the dad went off on a rave. It was really dumb. When people are stuck in their ways it is really hard to change their minds. We have the boy reading the Book of Mormon right now. He likes it a lot but refuses to change religions because he is Catholic. Those traditions a hard to break from. Maybe someday he will get soaked instead of sprinkled. We are also teaching a lady who doesn't seem too positive but she is still willing to learn. She hasn't progressed yet but things are going well. At least she is nice. 

I met this little girl today. she and her family are visiting from the States. Her family is here studying Mayan Culture. It has been fun to talk to them. I did get to eat some super good food a few days ago. It was the best fried chicken I have ever had. It had bacon flavoring! Woot!!!"

Well have a great week. Peace!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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