Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Great Experiences this Week

Ey que onda vos! Hey, what's up everyone! Hope all is well. Today, and this week, has been pretty good. We found a few positive people so I can feel good if I leave this area, which I kind of want to happen. I am hoping that the next Elders to come here are super hard workers. I have put everything into this place, like even blood! Haha I am happy and without sickness. I am kind of stressed right now because my laundry lady takes forever and I can't give her my dirty clothes that I have because of the changes that may or may not come. Oh well. That's how the mission is.

On Saturday we had a super bomb activity. It was kind of like our last one but a lot better. We finally got the Stake President to give us permission to hold a Stake activity. It was so cool to see everyone in their traditional clothing. The clothing is so cool! We, the missionaries, did our Tongan dance again and it was sick!!! Everyone was freaking out and then all of their traditional dances were cool. This little tiny girl sang a song in her corte (traditional dress). That was amazing!

Yesterday I had some pretty good times with some members and even though I haven't felt like we have made a big different since I came here, the ward attendance has doubled. I can feel pretty good about that. (My English skills are terrible!)

I had an awesome spiritual experience this week. Yesterday, a member and his nonmember family decided to kind of give us a goodbye for those who are probably going to leave from here. It was super cool because it was also his brother's birthday. This kid, who just barely became an Elder, blessed his little brother with probably one of the most beautiful blessings I have ever heard. It was incredible. After, his whole family was in tears. Then the grandma said she knew that we are servants of Christ. It was also very powerful. This kid's parents said they are now okay with him going on a mission. It was incredible!

Well, I love you all tons! Peace!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Traditional dress at our Stake activity

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