Monday, June 24, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

Howdy from a place that is hotter than heck! Right now I am not near as stressed as I was with the whole District Leader thing. In fact it is a lot easier now that I kind of know my area, have found a few new investigators, and my companion is learning a little more Spanish. I'm doing pretty good. At the same time, it is a weird experience because I have two companionships of sisters which is strange. I have never talked to girls in my mission and now I call them on a daily basis to make sure all is well. I am a little sad this week because in three days Presidente Maravilla will be leaving the mission. He is pretty much super awesome. He has helped me a ton to change for the better. 

The missionary death hit us all pretty hard but we just need to keep working. I did know him.

Our district is doing well. We have two baptism dates for this week and I hope we can get more. That would be great! In our area I am pretty excited. We have been finding a lot of families. So now we just need to start teaching them more and helping them overcome their personal challenges. After that, I feel, we would have some baptisms. A lot of the new investigators are pretty positive too. The biggest problem is some of them aren't married. Others get really, really, really super drunk. And others don't want to come to church and want to sleep instead. But we can help fix that stuff. They just need to understand and then they need to pray and always pray. That's the key so that people can receive revelation that the church is true. 

I love my new area. It is so long though. Literally, the farthest part no one has ever gone to because it is like 2 hours away in a's just massive! But I love it tons. It is super hot and humid. I love my new companion. We get along great. I am glad you made contact with his family. He is a cool guy. He's huge! In fact, he's a giant and a heck of a lot taller than Elder Sleight. I think he is the tallest missionary in the whole mission. 

My health is good but I do have a nasty rash on my face because I ate a mango that wasn't ripe and the sap touched me and burned me so I have a gross rash thing. It should be gone soon, I hope. The only thing I think I could use is a good old hamburger from Big Jud's. I guess I will have to wait a year to get one of those.

Well I love you all a ton!

Con amor,

Elder Grant

Little lizards that we catch.

Hmm. I hope that isn't lunch!

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