Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Entering the Rainy Season

Well how are ya'll? I hope you are all doing well! I am chillin' pretty good. Today we played soccer and it was super fun. I wish I could share some pictures with you but this darn computer has a broken USB. But anyway, soccer was fun. We played in the professional stadium. Some guys asked us if we wanted to play on a community league. hahaha It was cool but they get paid. They asked me to play because I just run people over and because I am a giant here. They asked Elder Sleight because that kid is HUGE! I am not going to lie, but I would really like to hike in Yellowstone, too. That is on my bucket list for my first year of being home. 

I am pretty happy God blessed me with an investigator and though she isn't currently positive, she is willing to try and do the things which we ask. Right now she is reading The Book of Mormon and I feel that will help us a lot with some of her challenges. Really if you think about it, The Book of Mormon helps us with everything. I love that, when I am having a hard time, I just sit down and read it. It helps a ton. There is also a section in Preach My Gospel that talks about how The Book of Mormon helps answer questions that really matter. So, ya, I guess I can say I'm really grateful for the awesome little blue book!

I am working really hard to leave my area all prepared for the new guy who will come in here. I am pretty sure I have changes in a week. Our focus is to find a lot of new investigators to work with.

We are starting to get into the rainy season and rain up here in the mountains straight up stinks! It is cold. I don't want to buy an umbrella right now because that would mean I would have to pack it because it's pretty much set that I have changes. When it rains, all the people think we are crazy because we just keep working even though we get colds. People here think that a cold is like stuff to put you in the hospital. The culture here cracks me up!

Well, it is time to go. I love you all tons. Thank you all for being such good influences in my life and just being there for me. 

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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