Monday, July 15, 2013


Thanks for letting me know that you got last week's emails. I had gotten a ton of emails that said they didn't send today and I was really worried but they did make it out. I just finished emailing President Ruiz and hopefully this letter will make it to all of you. If not I will feel bad. I like to include you all in my adventures! 

I hope all is well with you because I am doing well. My poor companion is having a little bit of a breakdown. I don't think he thought the mission was going to be this tough but it's tough and he will adjust because he is a tough kid. Well, way tough because he is like freakin' huge. He was a linebacker at Dixie State. He is pretty much my bodyguard and occasionally he scares some people because he is so much bigger than they are and they don't want to talk to us which is kind of funny. He is getting frustrated with how no one wants to come to church because the chapel is an hours walk from where the majority of the people live. It is hard to get people there. But, that is alright because God will provide a way. I know he will and Elder Saunders will be okay. 

My companion and I have been working super hard and our District is doing quite well. We have had six baptisms with two families so I am really excited. It looks like we can get three more with a family in my area. One of the problems there is that a member makes the family's dad work on Sundays which stinks. I am going to machete him a little so he lets the guy go to church so he can be baptized. Woot!!! I am really excited. 

I have also realized that being the DL isn't too bad because I have a lot of spiritual experiences in interviews. I get to feel the Spirit from those who really want to be better people. It is incredible to see the changes in them. 

Well, time is up so I had better go, I hope that all is well and you are all happy. Bye and love you al, tons!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

P.S.  send me candy ya if you want to show me you love me :)

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