Wednesday, July 10, 2013


How are you all? I hope you are all doing just fabulous. Well this week has been pretty bomb. We had a family baptized and looks like we have another family of five with another dude and another family of two and two other people this week. I'm super pumped with the District. They are all working hard and I am super excited. 

This week, my awesome companion and I walked all over the place and we are still finding a lot of people. I'm really excited that we are earning the trust of the members. My companion is so bomb! All the time we are laughing and just enjoying life. It is going to be hard letting him go. It is super fun when Elder Saunders and I get to nerding out about Lilo and Stitch or Star Wars - my personal favorite. We work hard too.

I have met the new President, Presidente Ruiz, and he is insanely awesome. He's super chill and it is kinda funny to watch the lack of formality that he has. President Maravilla was quite formal. But Pres. Ruiz is kind of a little bit of a party. Also, he lives like literally four minutes walking from my house. I have to make sure that we never do anything stupid but don't worry, we sure won't

This week I made a cup out of a plant that was cool but I forgot my camera to show you. Darn! Crazy note, in three days I'm gonna have a year. That is kind of nuts! Wow time flies here on the mission and I don't like it because everyday goes by so fast and I love every moment here. But, all good things must come to an end. At least I still have 11 months! Woot! Heck yes!!!

I love you all and just want to invite you all to try and get the missionaries to talk to a friend or to someone who isn't active. That would be cool ya know! Peace out and bye!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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