Monday, September 16, 2013

Here in Mazate

Yay! We (South Fremont) won Homecoming! I'm pretty happy.

This week has been spent getting to know a lot more members and it's been really helpful. Well without the members we would get super lost. Our area is super huge! We spent a lot of our focus on finding families and it has been tough. But I have learned that in the mission you must rely on just enduring. If we give up right now we don't find that family that God is going to put in our way tomorrow. We always keep on working.

I love it here in Mazate. The people are great! My Ward Has about 200 people - kind of like home. My area is pretty sweet in some ways. We have Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, and Burger King. We also have some really good ice cream. It is the most urban-like place in my mission but it is still pretty rural. I guess it is really cool to see all the stuff that they have here. 

We have been teaching an investigator that the previous Elders were teaching. It looks like she wants to be baptized. We are just looking for a lot of support from the members. It seems that a couple hers ago, there were some missionaries who were really stupid and kind of killed the trust for the missionaries, that's one of the most important elements as a missionary. You need the trust of the members so you can work effectively with them. For example, this week we had a member who wanted to go visit with us. We let him, of course. But what happened is, he didn't trust us, and so he didn't let us talk and instead of helping the investigator, he highly confused him. It's kind of funny. The nice thing is that we gained more of his trust. And Mom, I am the DL. And, If you could pray for a family that we are teaching right now. They are very open to letting us teach them but they aren't acting on the commitments. Thanks ya'll!

I have talked to the President with some concerns and all will be good. Well, I hope! Unfortunately I can't post pictures because there are no ports. Well I love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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