Monday, September 2, 2013

Another Adventurous P-Day and a Miracle Week

Hey ya'll. How are you doing? I hope everything is going well. I am doing just fine. Today I went and saw one of the coolest ruins ever. Basically they are the only Mayan Ruins I have ever been to and they are the only ones in my mission. At the site there is a bunch of old things like jewelry and Mayan and Olmec stuff. On the Book of Mormon side, Jaredites, Lamanites, and Nephite's. it was so sick to see all these things and who knows, maybe I walked where some prophet walked. In reality it was one of the coolest P-Days of my entire life. Like it blew my mind. Plus we had tons of fun jumping off of an old pyramid and stuff like that. I also wore my rubber chicken tie. It is one of the best ties that exists in this world and it cost me only a dollar! Also, we saw monkeys! For me it was a really good P-Day just because changes are coming up in two days. I don't know if I am going to be staying in Reu. I hope so. I love it here. The only thing I can't stand is the freaking heat! 

Elder Saunders must be very strong! Poor guy.

Jumping off the pyramid thing at the ruins

Notice the rubber chicken tie. Only worn on P-Days!

But by golly, we really enjoyed ourselves thorugholly. This just in, I don't know how to spell that word anymore. This is bad. Anyways, as we went through these ruins we learned a lot about them - the Mayan and other Olmecs. The Olmecs are a civilization that has been around way before the Mayans. And just like the Jaredites, their history says they came from a large tower in another land. That was super cool. We also saw an old highway tht supposedly goes from Mexico to Panama. That's how incredible old Central American Indians are. It is so cool! 

This week has truly been a week of miracles. In fact, it has been great! We found three families and two of them are quite positive. We also had four investigators in our little branch. They were a tenth of the attendance. Basically, I have had a great week. Things are going great kwhich probably means I'm headed out of my area because I'm a preparer. I have always left an area better than when I arrived. That is my goal.l

Well, I'm done. Bye!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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