Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh What a Week!

Elder Quiroz and Elder Grant

Oh it has been quite a week this week! And it was freaking great. Super spiritual! So my compo and I, over the past few weeks, have been almost dying because of the general authority that came. He has a reputation of ripping your face off then leaving you for dead with his beastliness of the spirit. So my comp and I were going to die because we had to report the stats of the zone in front of him. We were almost at the point of crying because we were terrified. 

Then we had to arrange all the seats for the picture the day of the conference and even Presidente Ruiz was to the point of dying. So we all got in a huge thing for a picture when President Armado came in and the first thing he did was make a joke. Then he asked us to make a line and he asked our name, where we are from, and how much time we have left. It was really cool because he was so awesome. He made jokes about potatoes with me and then gave me a huge hug. It was probably one of the coolest things ever. 

Then we had the meeting and instead of him teaching and preaching, he taught us according to the Spirit and all of us came out of that meeting feeling better and happier than ever. The Spirit taught us things that weren't spoken. It is definitely one of my favorite parts of my mission. And WOW!!! 

Bowing to the Dew and Pepper

Well, in other great news, Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper have made it to the grocery store. And it is at a cheap price - less than a dollar. It is so nice! My comp and I bought a ton and we are now making a Christmas tree out of the empty cans. Also, Elder Quiroz already has a Christmas tree. And, we found a Christmas tree under our stairs so now we are going to have three Christmas trees! So basically, we have the coolest house ever! And it is really really really clean. That is a nice touch. President Amado told us that our houses need to be clean in order to have the Spirit. And at the end it was basically just like we could feel the spirit more in a clean house. 

Another big thing that happened this week was definitely the Stake Conference of all the Stakes in the whole Guatemalan land. President Falabella spoke and it was about getting educated and it was awesome! Then Mary Ann Wixom had so cool Primary talk and then Elder Scott, whose Spanish is amazing, talked and that was really cool. Then President Eyring talked but not in Spanish because he doesn't know it. It was just super spiritual and we we're able to bring three investigators who all loved it. 

That's about all I got this eek. I love you all tons. Take care and ya know ... if you wanna, send candy to me. I'll never complain. Haha

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Elder Quiroz and his Coca Cola

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