Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Navidad

This week has been great because I have been biking. It made me feel like a real missionary, well that and because I get to teach the youth in the branch. There is no teacher so I get to do it. jaja

This has been a great week for spiritual experiences. Finally my zone didn't have emergency changes so we are finally settling in as a zone. Our biggest problem is that many missionaries only want to have fun and play and never work. "Work" is an important new addition in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. We all need to learn to work hard. I wrote an epistle this week because I was feeling like Paul. It is called WHY I AM A ZONE LEADER. It talks about working hard because I was called to serve The Lord, who I love! I work hard every day to show him my love. Then I put in the words of the modern day Moses, Brigham Young, that if a man goes on a mission looking for the honors of men or the dumb things of the world, his mission is in vain. It was longer than just this and then I gave it to the Elders in the zone because that is only four others besides us. They seemed to respond to it and are doing a little better. 

The sister missionaries are great! (Side note from Mom: President Ruiz calls Elder Grant's zone "The Relief Society" because it is made up of the Zone Leaders, two sets of District Leaders, and then all the rest are Hermanas. Collin told his dad that he thinks The Lord is preparing him to have only girl children. He loves working with the sisters!)  our zone will be doing two dances and then we will sing some songs for our Christmas party. 

That's all I've got. Thanks everyone for all and I love you. I wish you all a Felix Navidad y ano nuevo!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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