Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Felix Ano Nuevo

Happy New Year Family! Party hard (in a Mormon way)! First off, that video of the twins is like sad and hilarious at the same time, but man it was great to see, I cracked up! Igual Mom, I am super happy that I got to Skype with you guys. It was fun and marks yet another quick passing of my mission. I can't say I've matured too much spiritually yet, but I'm afraid I'm going to be boring and not as active when I get home - active physically. Tell the girls that I love them tons. 

So this was a great week. We broke the record in the branch for the attendance. Yes, we had 82 people there. It was super sick!!! I felt so satisfied because my companion and I worked super super freaking hard for that. It was incredible, I am super pumped! Next week should be good as well and now the Branch President says he'll buy me any food I want until I can't eat anymore. Yes! Best prize ever.

This is a picture of the branch in La Verde.

So my companion is super baggy right now. It is normal. He only has one week left until he goes home, it blows my mind. When I first met him, he had less than a year out on his mission, super weird! 

Oh another awesome missionary story, so we were ending the day and then I get a call from the Stake President who says, "Elder, I just got called from the branch el asistants who has an Elder passed out and like dead. So I get worried and I call the asistants who get over to that house super quick. Well come to find out everything is because the Elder passed out because of a pill he took and then fell asleep. He is a really, really, really heavy sleeper. So the member freaked out and called the Stake President. But the best part was this: the elder passed out after saying a prayer while teaching an evangelical. After the prayer, when the elder fell down, the evangelical exclaimed, "WOW, HE REALLY FELT THE SPIRIT!" And to make a long story short, my companion was ticked because he didn't get to eat tortas and fries because this elder had passed out. Hahaha!!! 

Have a great new year everyone.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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