Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Moving Again!

To answer a couple questions. (Mom asked if he attended church at the Las Palmas building in Reu because you can see it on Google Maps and about the Christmas package) No I haven't gotten the package. I will go check the Mission Office today.  Yes, I go to Las Palmas and I live in a place called Pedregal 2 so it should be easy to find. But, I'm changing areas, not like areas, but I am going to start working back in a place that I have already been. La Verde. Not sure how I feel about it but if it is what The Lord desires then I will do it and without complaining. I know The Lord will always provide a way. 

It is kind of a long story on how the whole thing happened. I am going back there as the ZL, along with Elder Quiroz. The Elders will still be there. It is just that this poor little branch needs a lot of help to become a big ward. This is the desire of the Stake President and the mission Presidente. The Lord, right now, is trusting a lot in us. It is going to be a great experience and with faith and dedication it is possible. 

Interesting experience this week in which I kept very calm. I was in a meeting with the assistants and the nurse when BOOM my comp and I get a call from one of the DLs that his companion just hit the ground and wasn't responding. So what happens? Well, one of the assistants and I literally go running across town to get the pickup and race over to their house. He was being checked out by the nurses and we was just mumbling. I was super nervous. But, then we found out it was an act and he was wanting to go home. Presidente, who has the keys, said no to that so the missionary is now getting help from some people. Sometimes, other missionaries can make my head hurt. 

The great part of this week was the Christmas Devotional. It was an incredible night, I love the Spirit every time the prophet talks. 

Well, thanks for all the support you give me! Love you all, merry almost Christmas in 16 days! Yay!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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