Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter All

Well, this has not been the most productive week in history. It was Holy Week, which in my opinion may be the most apostate thing I've ever seen. It seems to be just a bunch of crazy people carrying weird giant float things of weird looking Jesuses. And being in a super Catholic area, no one was home. They we're either all at the beach or in the cathedral. Man, those cathedrals have some heavy incense. As we walked by my eyes were burning! It has been an interesting week.

We always left to work and we got the house super clean because this place was disgusting when I got here. Now it is nice and shiny. It doesn't smell like B.O. anymore. We burned like 50 pounds of old nasty clothes. That made the nasty smell go away. Then we uh,... Well we played a lot of Monopoly at night. The zone did have three baptisms this week. Today I am going to a placed called Rio Blanco to do a baptism interview. I will have to stay there until Thursday so that will be fun...ish. I hear it is super cold up there. I guess I will tell you about that next week. I have also heard that the fleas up there are terrible and they are bad here. I am always covered in bites and I'm always itchy. It is all worth it. It's all for a good experience.

My body has hurt a ton with the cold temperatures. I took a pill called diclefanaco and now my hips and knees and all that junk doesn't hurt anymore. It is the best thing that has happened to my health in the mission.

We had emergency changes in the zone this week. We lost Elder Nelson, the Canadian, and then we got Elder aha saker. That kid is a beast! He is so tall and he's just a great missionary. I'm super happy with the zone. The only problem is my comp and his baggy-ness. I am fighting against getting baggy. I want to finish like a champ. Harrison isn't doing as well. He doesn't want to go to church but we had an old guy go to church and that was cool! He is crazy but funny!

Love you all very much!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

Yay for pictures! 

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