Monday, April 7, 2014

What's Up in Guate

Business first. I am down with taking any classes to boost my GPA. My goal is to transfer to BYU by next year! The pines sounds fine but you must get in contact with Blake J. We already have a deal to room together. He will be at BYUI in a couple weeks. Also, I want an exercise class, spinning maybe or military fitness again. I've got to get in shape for the ladies. I mean I can't progress until I'm hitched. But, I still have time for that. 

No pictures because I forgot my adaptor but I have written it down in my agenda for next week. 

Now, a big ol' saludos from the mountains of San Pedro! Ya boyz, I'm back! Now I'm with only Elders. I left the Relief Society and have landed in the Elders Quorum. I am bummed because I left all the Hermanas and they were fun. I miss them. I am definitely not used to Elders. Elders are a lot more crazy. I am still a ZL. My companion is a crazy Quatemalan kid, Elder Galvez. He already has 24 months now. He extended and he is so baggy! It's all cool, though. 

My health is good except I can't keep anything in me for much time. I am freezing up here. My feet are frozen. I had forgotten how cold it is. No worries. I can survive for three months. I have a gym now and permission too. WOOT!! Shout out to President. BOOM!!!

Conference was super sick right?!?!?! I loved it plus I got it in English. We had five investigators there which is sick for the mountains. The stake president is doing much better than before. We should have a baptism this month.

I'm pretty bummed The Big Bad Mackattack Bontempo (Hermana Bontempo) has left. Darn the dengue! But, she will finally get healthy. I gave her one of my ugliest ties to remember me by. It is a duck tie.

My companion speaks perfect English so we have a rule - in the streets it is all Spanish and in the house all English. We play Monopoly Deal every night which usually ends up as a bunch of cards thrown on the floor. The food I get here is sweet plus the members are rad! Some of the members still remember me and so we are always getting invited to eat. The most fun is the soccer game every Thursday night. I used to play and just go nuts so some remember that. Funny! But now I'm not as crazy. 

That's it.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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