Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm Cold

My greatest success this week was taking four people to church and a family. My biggest challenge this eek was finding people to teach - still not that fond of the missionaries. My favorite person this week is definitely Jesus but after him it would be my homie Harrison who is an investigator. He really wants to change his life and his spirit is incredible. Every lesson with him has been amazing! The spirit is always super strong and the teaching of my comp and me is really good. I'm direct and he's really good at the whole explaining deal. It works out really well. This coming week I am looking forward to taking more people to church so they can be baptized!

This week has been a good week. I remember while I was here before I didn't really like it at all. But, I've learned how much the mission can help us mature. So instead of saying, "Man, I have such a crappy zone," I can say, "I have a lot of work to do here." Really we have done quite a bit. We had four people and a family in church this week. That is incredible and they are all eye ally positive. 

I will tell you about Harrison. He is super cool. He has been looking for a way to get out of his problems, of which he has many. He went to General Conference and it touched his heart! It was so cool. The lessons we have had with him are just full of the spirit. He is changing a ton, too.

This week we also had a family that came out of nowhere and was a miracle. We were praying and the family came out during the prayer, sat down, and wanted to listen to us. It was so rad! Now they went to church and want to go back! 

This week we have a ton of lessons with the members. I love Preach My Gospel. It is definitely one of the greatest books ever written - like ever in the history of the Church. If all members read that book and applied the principles in it, we wouldn't have any of the crazy problems that we often run into.

Well, now this week is La Semena Santa, the holy week which means all the Catholics go kinda crazy... 

I am happy here in my area. The members are great!!! And even though my comp is super baggy, we teach really well together. Also, he is best friends with Elder Quiroz. It has been awesome. My comp just got his airplane ticket so he is gonna be even baggies. haha   Our zone made jerseys with our first names on them just to be funny and it was funny. We wore them to play soccer today and we totally owned it. The other team, the San Marcos zone, even had more players than us. I got to hang out with my son and awesome comp, Elder Saunders, again. It was fun but once again I am fried - like always up here in the mountains. 

Some of the zone Elders

My comp and I wearing the our zone soccer shirts

This is entitled "I AM COLD!"

Well, later! Same time, same place, next week!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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