Monday, May 19, 2014

Last Changes and a New (and Last) Companion

So this week had been a little bit lame ... The first half anyway. I was with my baggy, baggy, baggy companion. We didn't do much work. But then on Wednesday we had changes and that was probably one of the weirdest experiences of my life. I have been to tons of those meetings and these last nine months, as a zone leader, I have been to every one. It stinks to see all my buddies leaving. We were sitting there listening to all the testimonies and then up stepped Elder Dalton. I couldn't believe it. My first companion was now going home. And, he only has one more change than me. Then it hit me that I am in the last leg of my mission. I need to pick things up. So, I got a new companion, Elder Hernandez from Peru. He is cool! I thought I was going to get Elder Locke, from Idaho, but that didn't happen. My companion is a really good kid. We work well together because I don't want to die in my mission as a slacker missionary.

So good news! The girl we baptized last year is still going strong and wants to go to the temple now. And because the guy that baptized her felt the spirit, he wants to go to the temple now!!! I am so excited because I am going to go see them get sealed!!! What a great way to end the mission.

In other good news, looks like we have two more baptisms coming up. The partial family we are teaching is progressing a ton. I love the gospel. It just makes people happy and that is what is happening with him. He just keeps getting happier. He believes in the sacerdocio and now asks for blessings. I am super excited. He should be baptized on my birthday - May 31st. That's probably the best birthday present ever. So I am really excited. And more success means more animos to work! I am glad I have got a good comp to die with who won't let me die lamely.

So funny story. My companion went to chest bump me last night, after we finished the day, because that is what we normally do when we get done for the day. But, he is super tiny - like 135 pounds and I'm a 185 fatty. I sent the poor kid flying into the wall and he hit his head. Hahaha he is okay.

This week is going to be sick. Presidente Duncan is coming to the mission so we are going to see what's up with him and then after I'm staying in Reu again. I LOVE Reu! That's about it for this week. Love you guys!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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