Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Skyping on Sunday

Hey we will check my email quickly on Wednesday. Will you let me know of a good time to call on Sunday? Kind of important that we get together. I will be Skyping because it is way cooler than a phone call.

A new roof sounds interesting. Is it going to be flat still or more pointy? Things to be answered when I call.

I am doing well. I am not as baggy as I thought I was two days ago. I thought I had three months left. I was teasing some members about giving me presents because I only had three months left and this kid was like no, you have less than two months. I didn't have my time right. My companion is super baggy and destroying us with his baggyness. I think I could use a fireball this next change.

We are really working on our goals here in the zone. We want to get our attendance of the stake to 8000 and the ward to 120. We are odor king hard and are nearly there.

One of our fechas fell through. I was pretty ticked. I macheted the dad pretty good. We have some parents that have been telling their kids they can't go to church because we don't believe in God. WE DO!!!! The kid really wanted to go to church but his stepdad took him to work so he wouldn't be able to go. AHHH the mountains and its challenges. I love them. It keeps me pumped to go hard and just win. President knows that and it makes him happy, too.

Well, time is up. Love ya'll!

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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