Monday, June 16, 2014

All Good Things Come to an End

The money transfer was a success. I love Jaime. He gave me the money and will pull it out tomorrow. He is a good member. Also, yes, I know the Hodgemans. They are my favorite old people ever. They are crazy! They let us watch the Hobbit 2. Not sure how that passed. Oh well. I love those guys!

Well, this is the second to last email that you will get from me. It is just weird thinking about. I do not like it at all ... but it has to happen. 

Today I went and visited the family from Malacatan to end it all. It was awesome. They gave me caldo de pollo and it was delicious. 

This week has been full finding out that the families we have been teaching were attacked by their pastors. So my comp and I had a Bible bash with these guys and owned them. Then their people called them liars because they told everyone we don't use the Bible but we knew it better than the pastors did. 

Well, I guess that's all I've got. Sorry my brain is just kind of mush.

Con amor,
Elder Grant

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