Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's So Green

Dear Family,

Well, I'm now in the incredibly green and humid country of Guatemala. First this place is beautiful.It has rained everyday since I got here and will probably keep raining. This ciudad (city) is so modern and
busy! The CCM is on a main road and there are always cars and I swear there are no traffic rules. There are a few buildings across the street that I really want to go to. The one I want to go to the most has got
to be Taco freakin' Bell! Gosh dang it I want to go so bad and the president built it and has forbade us from going. Oh well I guess its for the best.

So like I said it is really humid here but the Guatemaltecos say that it is super dry here and said that Reu is super humid and super hot ahhhhhhh!!!! I'm gonna die! But no really this place is beautiful. The temple is so pretty. We got to walk around it yesterday and in 2 and a half weeks we get to go to the market! I'm so pumped for that! A market came in yesterday but my classroom has no windows so we missed it. Hopefully I can find some laundry soap somewhere. That made me mad. My new companion is so cool. We get along great. SO the food is the best here. I love platanos fritas which is fried bananas. It's the best breakfast ever. Everything is so good. We are supposed to eat everything because wasting food is a big no-no.  One elder is super picky and hardly eats anything its really disrespectful and kinda sad. Hopefully the field will kick him into shape.

I will send pictures sometime when I can but unfortunately they took our cameras while we stay here. Pictures on computers are not allowed. We aren't even allowed on I don't understand it. The Latinos are so awesome, super nice and we are communicating more and more which is really nice but holy crap they speak fast!

It stunk leaving our new district. Two of the guys cried when I left. Oertel and Bonkemeyer are some really cool guys. Mom you should add Kyle Oertel and Dustin Bonkemeyer on Facebook for me. That would be
pretty cool. Well everyone I love you bye! Keep me informed on what's going on!


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