Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Made It!!!

We were all able to talk to Collin at the airport yesterday before he flew out. He sounded happy and excited. We figured that he didn't arrive in Guatemala on schedule when we didn't receive an email last night. So, we anxiously awaited an email today. I must have checked the computer 10 times. Then, finally:

Hey, I'm just going to email you two today. I only have ten minutes so share this with everyone please and sorry for my lack of apostrophes but I can't, for the life of me, figure out everything on this Spanish keyboard! Oh well. I got a new comp. He is pretty cool but before that I need to tell you my story of how I got here to the CCM. SO we were supposed to leave at 11:45 am on the 31st but our flight got delayed. It ended up that we were at the SLC airport until about 9:05 for our flight to LAX. Oh ya and did I mention we were there at 9 in the morning!! So I was in a stupid airport for 12 horas!!!!! It's all good. Then we got on a flight to Guatemala there that went from 12:00 til 5:30 in the morning when we landed! And now I'm in the full swing of things here with being awake more than 24 hours and I have had no sleep yet!!!  I would have slept but the man sitting next to me had tons of questions about the church. I showed him the Book of Mormon and he seemed really interested. SO I showed him so he can get a copy and other things and he really likes our church. He is amazed at missionary work. 

Guatemala is beautiful!! The city has so much. Driving from the airport was an adventure. All over the city there are these super decked out school buses with lift kits and stuff. It is getting cooler and cooler here. It isn't too hot. In fact it's only about 72 degrees. I had breakfast this morning. It was a corn tortilla bread thing with lots of fruit and fried bananas!!! They are delicious. Actually they are plantains but they were amazing. Everything here is so green. We didn't know how green it was because it was dark when we flew in but it's a beautiful city that is covered in trees. 

Well, I'm in good hands and I miss you. Love you. Time is out. Bye!!

Elder Grant

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