Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Dreaded Stomach Bug

Well its time to write again and I only have 17 minutes left AHHH!!! My stomach has gotten worse. First off, my companion and I were up all night puking and other bodily functions. We have been told to
stay in bed tonight. It's terrible. Any food makes me queasy unless its bland and they don't make anything bland.

 I had to buy new shoes today but they were pretty cheap - 30 dollars for a sick pair of Nikes. The other shoes I brought were destroyed in soccer.

So I'm ready to get into the mission field. These six weeks in the MTC stink and I still have 3 to go. My companion's name is Elder Hansen. He's from SLC and he speaks English because he's another Gringo like me. But my roomies are Elder Quiroz and Elder Rodriguez and they are all the bomb! I love those guys. They are absolutely hilarious. We laugh and laugh and laugh at night.

So something cool happened last night. While our teacher Hermano Orellana was showing us pictures of his mission I asked him to go back in a picture because I thought I recognized a picture and guess who its was! RILEY JEPPESON!!! He was Orellanas favorite companion. We had a lot of fun talking about it. It kinda stinks here because I am "babysat" so much.I feel like I can't choose anything to do. We are told what to study and it's really annoying but oh  well its for a reason. I like both of my teachers they are pretty nice but Orellana is the best. We play games and just have fun plus he is super spiritual but he hardly speaks English so you have to work really hard to understand him which is good for us. The language is mejor y mejor  cada dia which is better and better every day.

I have made a ton of friends here. There is one kid here, Elder Ashcroft, who has huge hops. He hit his head off the rim of the basket ball hoop!!!! That's insane! He's super fun to hang out with.

So about tracting on Monday, talk about insane and a huge downer on the language. We had a Latino comp. with us and he spoke most of the time but holy cow they are so fast! And words are so slurred especially from older men, but on the bright side I have never been in a place so friendly. Every door we knocked on let us talk to them and we found the golden investigator! I said hi to this older fellow and we started to talk with him and he asked who we were and if we believed in Jesus. We obviously said yes! He asked us so many questions about the church and I asked if we wanted a Book of Mormon. He said no because he already had one but it wasn't from a missionary he had found it! He said he believes it all and he wants to
be baptized but he didn't know what church it was. In fact, he has the Libro de Momo, la Doctrina y Convenios, y la Perla de Gran Precio! It was so awesome!!!! So we took down his info and hopefully we will have a new member in the Church. The zone we went to was zone 5 and it seems poor. It was really  dirty not too poor but not well off. The people were so friendly though. In the U.S. they wouldn't have listened to us.

Well I hope everyone is getting my emails like Vick and Trav, Tom and Cris, and Gma and Gpa E and Gma and Gpa G. Please tell me if you are. I love you all and I hope everything goes well for you.  I'm bummed I missed the Olympics. I'll see them when I get home! Good luck with all your sports!

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