Saturday, August 11, 2012

Settling In

To my most favorite family ever!!!!!!

Alright I hope I got everyone in this email. Well since the enter button doesn't do the same thing here in Guatemala there will be no paragraphs. Well for starters its so freaking hot here!!!!!! O well I like it. I haven't got much culture because I'm stuck in a little building and only get out to go to the temple but in like 13 dias I get to go to the market place. I'm way excited and this Monday I get to go tracting with Elder Escobar! He looks like a teddy bear.  All you want to do is pick him up and hug him but the kid is a straight up baller. So I will get some culture there which will be awesome.

The food here is delicious but a stomach flu thing has been going around which is terrible. I had it yesterday and I was sick all day and the night before but now I'm fine. I play soccer everyday here which is super nice. And when we do it is super fun, but I sweat so much more than normal because of the humidity. Soccer is way fun. Sometimes I go lift instead with all the kids who wrestled. Today I got 210 for 3 sets of 10. I was super pumped. If only it was kilos then I would be beasting it up.

We all get along here pretty well. My companion is super cool. We have a friend, Elder Bingham, who chills with us all the time. Today the little market came to the CCM and so I bought a Manchester jersey and a man bag! Woot! It's super sick! I do like it here except you are babysat constantly and it gets a little annoying. Teaching in Spanish can be difficult at times because sometimes words sound the same. Like pecado which is sin and pescado which is dead fish. During one of my first lessons in Provo I said that through Christ we can be forgiven of our pescados or dead fish. He looked at me like I was crazy. It was hilarious.

The Latinos are hilarious. I always chill with them at night and we just laugh and laugh because we can't understand each other. Holy cow people speak fast here! It's insane. Oh guess how cheap garments are here. 5.50 quetzales which is less than a dollar! So I might load up before I leave which I think would be a good plan!

Well its almost time for service. I love you all. I would write letters to everyone if I had stamps but alas I have no stamps yet. So Quincy I'll try to write you as soon as I can. Tell Ky good luck and I'm super proud of him for going, same with Kaden! Bye and love you all!!!!

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