Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Market

Well everyone I hope everything is going alright back home. I am now officially a viejo which is a veteran. I only have 17 days and then I'm en el campo (the field). It's nervewrack! I keep feeling that I need to be fluent by the time I get out but I'm nowhere near that. I still love it here. President Nicholaysen is the sweetest, nicest man eve. On the other hand his wife can be quite scary. But when you are sick she
babies you all day. We get medicine and Gatorade and get to nap. Sometimes being sick isn't that bad until you puke again.

Not a whole lot has gone on except that we got newbies. The newbs are cool but the new latinos, for some reason, are really angry at us gringos. They refuse to talk to most of us and they don't like us talking with them. Our roomies are getting good though. They like to talk and have fun but one is really creepy. Last night, at around 12, I woke up to him staring at me and then he came up, poked me in the cheek and walked off. I'm pretty sure that if it happens again I'll tackle him. It was absolutely terrifying. I only have 17 days left - AHHHHHHH!!!!

I remembered that Ky went into the MTC. I hope he has as much of a positive experience as I have had. My comp is so sick! In the good way. We both have the same interests so we talk a lot about longboarding and stuff. Oh I met an Elder Mckenna and he is pretty cool! He says we are going to live together after our missions. I wouldn't mind it. He's hilarious. He is supposed to be on medicine for his hyperactivity but he never takes it and its hilarious!

Good luck to everyone with school!

So I figure I'll talk about the food. Generally it is amazing but sometimes you get stuff that is so gross. Like one time we had mole (mole-lay). That's what made me sick. I still get queasy thinking about it! Wakala! I'm really careful with meat here because they cook it like a restaurant here and with 130 kids sometimes things aren't cooked through all the way - like my steak last night. We get ice cream a lot and juice.

Oh ya I wanna talk about the Market. We got to go last week and I got a poncho and some things to send home. I bartered for it all and got everything for like 20 bucks. It was sweet. Then I had Wendys!!! Oh man I was in heaven. It was amazing!!!! Never been so happy in my life to see a crappy burger with some weak excuses for bacon on it! I got some bags for the girls and some little bracelets. I also got a mask sort of deal.  I'll send it home with one of my suits once I hit the field. I'm only gonna need one. We never wear them, only at church. So the market, I thought, would have been a street market. No it's way more cool.  It was underground, in a huge complex, in 3 levels. The top  floor had a lot of manufactured goods. I got a watch there that looks good for 20 quetz which is less than 3 dollars!!! It runs well, so far. The second floor was my favorite. It was the produce floor.  Everyone was yelling and the atmosphere was super cool! There were lots of different fruits. I'll send you pictures when I can. I had some little furry strawberry thing. It's called a licha. Look it up. It's really tasty. I enjoyed it a lot. The third floor was all handmade stuff - kind of crafty but not too cool. t I got my poncho down there for 70 quetz and it was the most expensive thing I bought. I talked the dude down from 170 WOOT! Anyways the country is awesome. I can't wait to go to Reu. I've heard it is beautiful and I can't wait.

Well I love everyone. I can't wait to hear from you guys. Bye love you!!!

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