Monday, September 10, 2012

Farewell to Guatemala City

It's a Monday and I'm on email because they are letting us email you guys before we leave for the field. I'm so happy to leave. Today has been the worst though. We are stuck in another redundant class and the
class is great but we are ready to go and they are just saying the same things over and over again. Since today is my laundry day I'm getting that done. Well starting tomorrow I will hardly be speaking english for the remainder of 22 months which is crazy sick awesomesicktasticallicious!!!!!! Of coursedon't get me wrong, I'm super nervous too!
I figured that I should tell everyone some details that I missed in the last email. Well for starters I would like to tell vosotros (translation: you all) that yes everywhere we go outside there are guards with guns. Now they don't follow us or anything, they are just all over the place. When I get the chance I'll send pictures. I got one of a guy, at the gas station, just rocking a shotgun. We see him every time we go to the temple. We took pictures at the temple again today and it has been a beautiful day!!! I love it when
it is cloudy here with the sun poking through and that is about every day here!!!! I have been informed that Retalhuleu has the highest parasite infection rate of the missions here. That's okay because as long as I am careful I'll be fine.
I'm bummed out today a little bit. All my bros left today including my companion. Sad but it is a good thing. I'm sorry I'm rambling a bit I don't really have anything to go off of because I have  no return emails or dear elders which is fine because it isn't like I would receive them anyway, at least until next week. Oh ya about mole. It tastes good but I just got sick. Now it isn't a little nasty rat deal. Instead it is a spicy chocolate sauce. It is just so rich that it makes me un pocito infermo (translation: little bit sick) but I'll get used to it. I sure do miss good old americanized food though. uhhhhh....
Well last night we had a meeting in the apartment of President which is on the top floor and holy cow it is nice and comfy and there was a TV and he told us he has ESPN on there. LUCKY DOG!  I love President. He and his wife are awesome! They do so much for us and they try so hard to make the CCM a good experience and they all do a really good job.
Tonight is going to suck a little bit because its packing and I hate packing plus with the new stuff who knows if I can fit it all. I sure hope so.  Tomorrow we will get on a bus that is full of us going to Reu. We leave at 8 AM and unfortunately I'll be missing Ky by just a day. It will be nice to finally be like the rest of my friends and be in the field - like Braxton, Kelton, and all that jazz. I mean heck a week after I go out Cole will be out. Sometimes I get to thinking and realize I have spent one twelfth of my mission in the MTC process but I've grown from it and I know that it is what the Lord wanted. I'm excited to get out and actually meet the people. It will be so fun to talk to people. I've already had rejection in proselitismo and it isn't that bad. I mean it happens to everyone. It is just part of the work!
I will share my favorite word in español with you guys. I guess it's bufanda or scarf. I'll never use it but its fun to say. I got told today that I'm going to sweat everything off of me once I get to the field. It is (according to the Latinos) hottest part of Guatemala but I have heard the people are so willing to listen and they are so humble and just ready for the gospel. It is going to be amazing. I love you all. It's about time to go. I just want to share my testimony in español. Yo se que vive mi señor  y que Dios es nuestro padre celestial. Yo se que la familia es la mejor cosa en el mundo. Yo se que esta obra es la obra del señor y que mediante nuestro fe todos cosas estan posible y que nuestro profeta es un profeta
verdadera. En el nombre de Jesucristo amen.

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