Monday, September 24, 2012


Well this week has been a little better. Well we got some new investigators this week and hopefully they will want to be baptized. Here is a story for this week. So we were going contacting and we hit this house that was watching bible cartoons. This older feller popped out and started preaching to us about papa Dios or daddy God in ingles . He starts talking about how he lost his job and stuff. He then started talking about how awesome we are for teaching the Gospel. That was cool. Then he made his 2 daughters, who are 10 and 6, come out and hug us because we are men of God. He told us all about how he married his wife when she was 14 and shes like 35 now and man it was weird. Then he gave us a hug and told us how great God is. He then went inside. IT. WAS. BIZARRE.

We taught a family last night. The mom is really nice but she doesn't really want to be baptized because she already has.  We taught her kids and they seemed really interested. We read a chapter with them and explained it verse by verse. I felt the spirit and I hope they did too.

Oh yeah I gave two blessings yesterday in Spanish. That is a completely new experience for me! I was super nervous and they weren't very long but that's okay I guess. My Spanish has grown a ton and it is better and better every day. I just wish I was fluent but that isn't gonna happen for a while. I'm understanding better and talking more which is great! In fact today I was able to spout off some stuff without thinking. Thank goodness for the gift of tongues and the power of God. I know for a fact that he is blessing me constantly and that is what helps me want to stay here even more.

It is crazy to think that I have been out for almost 3 months now. I got an email from Elder Trupp today and I cant believe he has been out for a month! It was really fun to hear about Cole. I think about those guys a lot and how different their missions are. I know  Ky and my mission are similar but like Daniel and Cole and Kelton and Braxton. It has got to be so much different. For one, they are speaking ingles. I sometimes envy that fact. I think it would be somewhat amazing to be able to speak your home language. Then there is the culture. I have to get used to a whole new culture and I'm loving it so far. Here everyone says hi and is always willing to help  you. That is something different than the states.

Oh ya now for a weird food story!!! Every Sunday we eat with the Bishop for lunch and last night we had tacos and guess what the meat was - COW UDDER!!!!! and it was actually really good.

Today I have started my goal of becoming friends with the narcos, or the drug lords. I was told by my teacher in the CCM to make friends with them because no one here hates the missionaries but in case you ever get in trouble, and they are around, they will come and help you always. Today I talked with some who are outside of a huge house They always have guns. You know they aren't security either because these guns are flashy. Today I sat down with one and asked him about his gun and we talked about it for like 5 minutes. It was white and black and pretty cool looking. He let me hold it. Then I gave him a high five and now we are pretty much bros haha.

We met a guy who lived in the U.S. for a while and he owns the Aqua Pura company here and from now on we get free water! I'm really pumped because that is just less money I have to spend on things necessary and more money for delicious tortas!!!! Well I love you all!! Please hit me up if you want in an e-mail. I have an hour of time now!!! que les vayan bien!!!
Con amor,
Elder Grant

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  1. He's like full fledged missionary. Guns, weird food, crazy contacts... he's doin alright. Thanks for the glimpse, he's such a good boy.