Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Preparing for the Final Week at the CCM

Well here goes another week of anxiousness because currently I only have ten days until I'm out and trying to communicate in español. Umm!

Not too much has gone on here but we did get warned about Dengue Fever which was nifty. My companion Elder Hansen, who is pretty skinny, was sick for about two weeks. He lost 15 lbs which was bad. We found out he got a worm from the food here!!!! He killed it with pills which was
good and now he's back. I managed to shake the bug thank Buddha!  So we will see what happens when I get out.

I got some scripture cases for my Spanish scriptures. They say "HLJ", stands for "haz lo justo" which is along the lines of Choose the Right.  Spanish is coming along mejor cada dia which is better each day but still difficult. I need to memorize conjugations which are quite tough and I don't know when to use the different grammar but that's ok I guess. I'll figure it out. Heck I've only been learning for 7 weeks which is nuts. The Latinos are getting better but some are rude to the other kids. We started a workout program at night with some kids. It's just push-ups and sit-ups but it burns.

I enjoy everyone's letters so much. They are great and they always brighten up the week. Every week you start out with a high and you get shot down and only a few things boost you up like the temple and letters.
This week, in the temple, I may have the opportunity to do a session in Spanish. I'm so excited!!! The font here for baptisms is really pretty. I was able to see it this week. It's tiny but beautiful. We go proselyting on Monday which definitely is something I'm pumped for because this time it's my comp and me solo. We are going to buy some Coke and snacks for a final party next Sunday because we won't see each
other for 2 years! It's cool here!

Ky emailed me and told me he is super sad about not being able to see me. I will leave the day before he arrives. It bums me out too which stinks. Oh well Pres says he will give Ky a letter I'm writing him so that's good. Testimony meeting is this week which means time to pig out at lunch and dinner. Testimony meeting in Spanish is so cool. The Spirit is really strong and I love it.

Well I hope to get a bunch of dear elders this week because I want to win in who gets the most. So mom post my dear elder thing on Facebook today, por favor. I sent the password, I think, to you. Well love ya!

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