Sunday, September 9, 2012

Proselyting in the City Again

Well it looks that I leave this Tuesday at 8 AM so that is sweet. I'm nervous because for some dumb reason I feel that it is necessary for me to be fluent which isn't the case. This week has been horrid because I'm ready to leave. When I do leave I get a 5 hour bus ride to the mission home and then who knows from there.  I'm hoping and praying to go to the North part. That would be awesome. We are all starting to get ready to leave.

I guess I should talk about proselyting again. It was intense. It was really fun. We placed three Books of Mormon and had a great time. I bought some pop to sneak in jajajaja. Then my comp and I tought a nine year old kid and it was awesome. He wanted to learn about Jesus so he volunteered to go to the casa cre which is a teaching thing that is normally teaching missionaries with missionaries and its usually dumb. Anyways the kid wants to be baptized and we got him hooked up with some missionaries in his mission. That's so cool!!!!

Well I'm sorry if this is a shorter email.  I'm working on it but my brain is fried right now.  Haha sorry. I'll  work on getting pictures up asap.  I still need a snapfish account so we will se how that works out I guess.  I love everyone. We are getting kicked off early today. Todos que tengan un buen dia!!!! All have a good day. I love hearing from you. Bye!!!!

     Collin and his Provo MTC District. He grew to love these Elders. We found this picture on Elder Oertel's blog. Thank you!

Collin and Elder Oertel

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