Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Not in Idaho Anymore

Well howdy folks!  I hope everything is going well with you all!!!! and I just realized I somehow lost a lot of the addresses to the family. Dang! If I could get those that would be nice. Not a whole lot has happened this week. My Spanish is better - poco a poca cada dia. It is crazy to think I have almost been out for 3 months!!! Crazy right!!!!

To answer your question, Mom, I use an umbrella. I haven't broken out the jacket yet. It doesn't matter anyway. I'll get soaked no matter what, even my backpack. I've just come to take that as part of life. jajajaja It is always raining.

So here is a list of things I didn't expect to miss:
1. doorknobs
2. pine trees
3. traffic rules
4. being cold
5. lots of Mormons
6. Fords
I keep having dreams of playing football. I guess I'm missing it a lot here in the land of fútbol. I have officially decided that I am in a very foreign place. Como the electricidad problem. I haven't had electricidad for about a week now and it stinks. We can't buy anything really. The milk will taste good as long as it isn't open but then it goes bad in a day because we have no power for our refrigerator.  Everything goes bad so it looks like I'll be eating granola bars for a little bit. Today I'm going to try an awesome ice cream cone. It is two scoops on a waffle cone with a donut on top!!!! 

I'm excited for Denton. In all honesty that was the mission I hoped for but here is great, too. I'm learning so many things here like how to live without electricidad; or how to deal with new bug bites on my body every morning; or how to shower in water that is super cold; also how to deal with discouragement because our investigators aren't progressing and yes I'm discouraged with that. We had an investigator who was going to come to church with us but right as we got to his house he came out crying because his brother had just died. It was really sad so I think tomorrow we will go to his house to teach him about the Plan of Salvation. The sad thing about here is everyone wants to hear about Christ right? Which is great. But not one of them wants to leave their crazy Evangelico churches which are weird especially when they speak in tongues. That part is just weird. They just mumble which freaks me out every time.

I feel bad for South this year. They are just really inexperienced - just like my comp and me. My comp has been on his mission  a month more than me so it isn't his fault that training is difficult. We are just really inexperienced and it kind of stinks but oh well. I really hope I get the language down more because I am not good right now. The mission just gets faster and faster. I see how it can feel like no time at all. 

TJ emailed me about how grateful he is that I'm his friend it was good to hear from him. I'm proud of what he is doing. He has had it rough the past few years and he is a great kid. I'm proud of him for the decision he made to go on a mission. 

Well I think my hour of email is up. I hope everything is good with everyone and I can't wait to get your Dear Elders!!!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Grant

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