Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Howdy! Well another slow week. The whole mission is down. Umm well there are little earthquakes here and there but it isn't a big deal anymore after the first one. I'ts just a part of life here. I'm pretty much used to the rain now. I'm just always wet haha. I don't have too much to write except that I really wish I could speak Spanish right now. I can speak enough to impress any gringo in the states but it's still horrible.
 Oh weirdness here. People don't have a huge sense of privacy so people just nurse their kids right in front of you. It is definitely something that I'm still working on getting used too.

How were the pics of the temple? I hope you got them. Holy cow that thing is absolutely beautiful! Have fun with the nieve (snow). Speaking of marriage, a missionary in my area has a crush on Kenna. He says he's going to marry her. He's from Mexico. He is my zone leader and he's a stud. But he can't talk to her! ever! He doesn't speak English. jaja

I have a soccer game today with the members. Hey have you found the chapel in San Isidro yet? It's up towards the volcano on that road that has the giant church with the red and green roof. I live at the very end of the street there. I live basically in a garage and when the power was out we used candles that I bought. Dad, there are schools here and every kid gets an education. Yes mom, I have been eating. Basically all I eat is rice, beans, pollo and tortillas cada pinche dia. I can tell you I sure as heck miss hamburgers. I sent some pictures of a star fruit which by the way is not that tasty but the pink lady apples here are to die for. Those are my favorite food to buy!

Normally my mission flies by. Days are long (sometimes) but the weeks are short and the months are shorter. well I gotta get going my time is up here. but I promise next week I'll write something more but I will send some pictures of well, just stuff. haha  I love you all. I can't wait to hear from ya. Have a great week!!!!! Bye!!!!!!

Con amor,
Elder Grant Elder - Pretty much the coolest missionary in the world because he is serving in the best 
mission in the world!
Random Pic from the MTC with Elder Bonkemeyer and Elder Oertel

Overlooking beautiful San Isidro

Star fruit and Sweat 
Elder Grant and Elder Henderson at the SLC airport

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